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cover for my work in progress: Crashed in the Outlands
steamy scifi erotic adventure!

Here's a sample: #scifi #erotica #amwriting

The Crash

I am an Itinithan. Not your usual space riffraff. Though we are far from home, our species still demands some respect here in the outlands.
I am an information manager, and my brother is a technical assistant. We are traveling to the far planet of Effadok. A Stage Nine colony is establishing there, and our services will be highly valued.
Some of the aliens we travel with are brunts. If I had known they would be aboard the freight ship, I would have sacrificed the extra three month's pay for a private vessel.
They, I'm afraid, are also traveling to Effadok, though they probably seek less valued employment, such as security or maintenance.
Held suspended by the blue light of my gravity field, I increase the transparency with a turn of a dial on the projected screen. The bio bay comes into view as the opaque blue disperses to a soft glow around me.
My brother has engaged full stasis mode. He has preferred deep sedation for the three feson journey. His opaque green and yellow body is almost completely hidden beneath his blue shield, an arms length to my side.
The fields are an efficient means of transport. Each alien can tailor its environment for their comfort level. No one can move from their assigned area. I should feel safe enough to enter stasis mode and drift through the long darkness, but...
I turn around to the man creatures, suspended in the bay. The pilots at least had enough forethought to place us separate from the rest, but I can still see them, suspended under red lights, a few orange and yellow. Each color signifies the different settings their species prefers.
The brutes closest to us are large, hairy creatures. They come from a very distant, little known planet. Almost always do they travel in packs, and almost always do they take jobs requiring muscle and brawn, but little brain power. It is a wonder they have survived in distant space this long.
I shouldn't stare, but one of their privacy screens is down. The man is huge, wearing thick gear, but his bare arms, head, and face are still showing.
What a barbarian. Thin, long hairs are visible on his tan, burly arms. His head is covered with the stuff, long and tied back behind his head. Its even above his lightly colored eyes.
I freeze when I realize those light eyes shine my way. He turns toward me, examining me like I was just examining him. Stargoth in the drain! I did not mean to for him to catch me staring.
My fingers reach for the control panel, but I stop myself from raising the privacy. This was my fault, initiating this uncomfortable interaction. It would be rude of me to end it so abruptly.
He looks me over with polite curiosity. Unlike these barbarians, Itiniths do not shun their bodies. The colorful prints on our skin are better than any piece of clothing. We only wear enough to cover private areas, and we only do that around other races who tend not to understand our culture. We are also very sensitive to touch, so a bit of decorative pieces about our chests and torso are all we can tolerate.
The ornate designs on my shining yellowish skin must be intriguing to him. Has he never seen an Itinithan before?
Before his staring becomes indecent, the bulk of a man returns his light green eyes to my face. He gives me a nod.
What kind of nod, I am unsure. Species like his use them for communication. I believe it is given in greeting, so I return the gesture. The man turns, floating on the zero gravity, and closes his eyes.
He does not activate his privacy screen. I know better than to make the same mistake again, and I look away.
The Zonarin follow my shadow! It will be a very long journey to Effadok if I remain awake for it. I could program the field to have me enter stasis. Though it is a little uncomfortable at first being sedated by the sickening waves, after that passes it is just unconsciousness until your destination is reached.
My mind spurns on the barbarian man. I glance over, seeing he is still turned away from me. The three other red-lit fields must be with him, as they are closely spaced to him and the exact same hue. I cannot see anything of the creatures contained within.
I make myself look away. Closing my eyes, I center my breath to calm my mind. These frivolous things are not worth my thoughts. With a tap to the projected screen, I change the display to the Stock, and start to look through current wares.
A sound from beyond the bio bay pulls my attention from the screen. It was a crash, metal hitting metal I would guess.
The noise sounded like it came from another compartment in the ship. What is strange is that it was so loud through the sealed wall of the bio bay. I search for any indication of its source.
The brunt near me heard the sound too. He also turns to find the source, glancing my way. There is concern on his burly tan face.
Then comes the terrible clashing. One that can only be described by a severe movement of air and swiftly moving physical objects. A high-pitched alarm sounds, but it is barely audible over the clash coming from the adjacent room.
The man starts shouting, trying to wake his comrades. He's adjusting the dial on his control in a frenzy, I would guess to try to drop the shield. I turn to my brother, but there is no indication that he is awake below the blue light.
All at once the ceiling rips open. Dark space is visible beyond the torn hull of the ship. The brunt is shouting, and after a moment I realize it's to me.
“Look out!"

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Work in Progress: Sex Camp Part II Preview
Working on Part Two of Sex Camp.  Helen delves deeper into the world she opened after Hayden and Collin invited her to the mysterious camp. She kindles a love with one of them, while love and sex spurn many new arrangements in her life. Here's some eye cand...

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Glass Animals: My Favorite Band from 2016
By far, my favorite band from 2016 was Glass Animals. There is something about their music that makes life peel away. It is almost hypnotic. If you have not discovered them yet, here are some of my favorite songs for you to sample: From their Album "How to ...

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Derendrea's Ultimate Erotic Book Set
New Release: Derendrea's ULTIMATE Erotic Book Set 13 Delicious Erotic Stories $3.75 on Amazon Thirteen delicious erotic stories, all based on dreams. Enjoy the strange, seductive, and decedent world of Derendrea's Erotic Stories.  Includes medieval, fantasy...

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Underwater Dreams
In my new release, Sacrifice to Tangaroa, the main character finds herself swept into the under water world of the god of the sea. The dream that inspired this story was very vivid, featuring many different facets of ocean life. But dreams about being able ...

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