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Made in the USA Org
Join our organization and beat your foreign competition
Join our organization and beat your foreign competition


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MadeInTheUSA.Org is an organization comprised of member businesses all dedicated to producing and selling Made in the USA products. Collectively, our members represent a major U.S. asset that benefits the entire country by providing quality Made in USA products and good paying American jobs. 

Recognizing the importance of our members success, this organization provides a set of benefits that help our members beat their foreign competition.  These benefits are available through membership. For a comprehensive list of the benefits members receive, click Why Join. Membership is available for eligible companies in exchange for a small fee. For information about the fee and what’s included, click Membership Options.  

We are a privately owned and funded entity that has no relationship, connection, or affiliation with any political party, religious group, association, State, local or federal government.
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