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How important is it to use the original charger? The one that comes with the 5 isn't long enough so considering getting a new cable, but you hear stories...

Plus at work I have an old HTC charger I use.


Over the last few days I've noticed that my Nexus 7 (2013) is loosing charge quicker than ever and I'm not using it any differently. Overnight it lost 19%.

Any ideas?

Considering making an interactive book and going against the grain and not going to replicate page turning.  I mean really, what do I look like? Apple?  

I'm considering mixing my animation experience with my desire to code by making interactive books. Has anyone got any experience making them and any tips or what not?

I assume it's not actually any different from developing any other apps, but just wondering if people here have tried it themselves.

Can find plenty of services that offer code-less tools and that's great, but I want to try coding.

Thanks on advance!

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Basically me right now.

Gmail (for business, or whatever its called) keeps sending important emails to trash/spam automatically from someone that is on my contact list.  Is there any way to stop this as a number of times it has caused problems.  I don't feel that I should have to constantly look for emails in trash/spam because of an overly sensitive filter.

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Crank the volume up and groove.
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