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Jim Gianoglio
You had me at "Hello, world!"
You had me at "Hello, world!"

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I would love to know the origin of the "Sing like no one is listening" when you publish a container. +Brian Kuhn ?

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With the introduction of Autotrack (, I'm left wondering if GTM will provide the ability to leverage the plugins and tasks features of analytics.js within the tag templates.

How 'bout it, +Brian Kuhn ?

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A really excellent tutorial from +Adrian Rosebrock's PyImageSearch blog: how to access multiple cameras attached to your Raspberry Pi using a single Python script, and perform real-time motion detection on each of them using OpenCV. You can use either multiple USB cameras, or the Raspberry Pi camera module with additional USB cams.

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Tips for Getting a Job in the Digital Analytics Industry
/via +LunaMetrics  #measure   #analytics  

"All hiring comes down to three questions:

- Does the applicant want to do the job?
- Can the applicant do the job?
- Would we like working with the applicant?

The thing is: There is no high bar to entry. We’re not looking for everyone to have a Master’s degree in Math or Information Science (although we have those people, too). Most of the skills we use can be learned for free, online, and with practice."

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More updates to GTM!
GTM now has multi-environment testing. Some nice new features here:

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Yes - more automation!
Running Semi-Automated Tasks on Google Analytics

This is a very cool idea to perform repetitive tasks in Google Analytics by using the Management API inside the Google Chrome Console. Pretty clean and quick!

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This has been a long time in the making, and now it's finally here! I'm especially excited about the new recipes section of our site, where we share containers that you can import into your GTM to track things like:

- scroll behavior
- YouTube videos
- file downloads
- outbound link clicks

and more!


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8 great use cases for the new Calculated Metrics in Universal Analytics:


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Useful post by +Jim Gianoglio at our certified partner +LunaMetrics on Data Import in Analytics. Check it out below.
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