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Red alert! Only 8 hours remain to get your auditions in for Valiant's official Archer & Armstrong audio drama!

Here are the results for the casting call for Seminar #63. I got a lot of auditions for this. More than I was anticipating. (And when I whined about not having any Queen Alice auditions, I was suddenly showered with them! Well done, people!) These voices came from hearty Pendant veterans and some brand new, very enthusiastic people. This was a really tough decision. And I want you to know that if you auditioned and are not on the list, it's not because you were bad. It's because someone else was just a bit better. Don't be discouraged. And please audition again in the future!

And the results are:

STUDENT 4 - Kathryn Pryde
STUDENT 3 - Seth Adam Sher
STUDENT 97 - Dave Morgan
STUDENT 7 - Tom Stitzer
STUDENT 45 - Anna Rodriguez

Story #1: The Girl on the Horizon:
Alice/Kate - Lea Gulino
Grayson - Mark Zaricor
Jones - Edward Herman

Story #2: Reflections:
Earnesta - Kristyn Mass
Queen Alice - Ada Milenkovic Brown
Strummingbird - Melissa Bartell
Hatter - Jason Wallace

If I have spelled your name wrong or if you have another way you'd like your name to appear in the credits, please let me know.

The actors appearing here have received scripts. If your name appears here and you have NOT received a script, e-mail me. Lines are due no later than January 16, 2015.

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Auditions for episode #63 of Seminar are due tomorrow! Polish those microphones and clear those throats!

As a kid, did it ever seem odd to you that, although the official narrative is that Santa's elves builds all the toys, all your toys came from Mattel and Hasbro? Did your mind ever wander to the idea that maybe Santa had a controlling interest in those companies and that Hasbro had a secret Elf Floor or something?

Anyway, what's one thing you'd like Santa to put under your tree this year?


Greetings, people of Earth! Change the curtains and paint the ceiling red, for I have returned as Director of Seminar!

 If you don't know what Seminar is, it's a science fiction anthology audio drama series produced by Pendant Productions ( Go check out a few episodes if you have some time.

For my re-entry into this vivacious vocation, I have a compelling couple of short plays that I'd just love for you to lend your voices to! Remember: all you need is a microphone, a quiet place, and a bit of time.


JONES: Beuracrat. Takes the job seriously. Probably has a drawer full of monogrammed, ironed underwear.

Line 1: Redstone II took years to colonise. There were tons of missions before we figured out how to adapt navigational arrays to beat the dust. We just assumed each lost
ship meant a lost crew but there are some tough men still out there with ships equipped for long deployments.

Line 2: Redstone II does not do pets, Kate. Now if you don’t mind going through this inventory...

STRUMMINGBIRD: A musical little avian creature. It flutters about with its tiny guitar and sings about the things it sees. Should be bubbly, playful, a bit sarcastic, but hiding a serious side. Melodic voice.

Line 1: Here he comes! Oh, whatever shall you do? Do you run or stand still? Find safety or rely on your skill? Hey, that rhymed! Maybe I can turn it into a song. Standing still, rely on your skill...

Line 2: Oh, that was just the Jabberwock. Out for his morning constitutional, no doubt. Come to think of it, you're standing pretty much in his normal path.

ERNESTA: A young woman with issues, barely hanging on to sanity and life. Depressed, self-defeating, but intelligent. She just doesn't feel as though she has anything to live for.

Line 1: (sullenly) I don't know. I don't think I'm full of much of anything. I'm kind of empty, actually.

Line 2: He might have lied. He's done it before. Why this? Why do I have to go this way? It's so...morbid.

Line 3: [ERNESTA'S REFLECTION] (exasperated sigh) You're such a baby, Ernesta. Do it already! A prick. A lick. A swallow. (giggle) Settle the spell. It's the only brave thing you have to do.

QUEEN ALICE: Little Alice Liddel has had her adventures and has grown up, and grown old. In her late years, she finds a way to return to the Looking Glass Realm to resume her reign as queen. English, regal, posh, an old woman who's seen quite a lot of life and knows too much.

Line 1: (leans back in her throne and considers) We see. We think we understand what the Hatter has brought us. He's failed us so many times. (sighs)

Line 2: Since we have no time, there'll be no coronation. The sooner you get started, the sooner time will return. Now...close your eyes. Yes...that's it. Sleep.

Line 3: What was that, child? Speak clearly and plainly when with royalty. It upsets them if you don't.

ALICE/KATE: Two characters, same actor.

ALICE: (No relation to Queen Alice): A shipboard AI that's seen better days. It's had a long life and much time to reflect.

Line 1: I don’t know. I wasn’t built for command when I had a full body, let alone as a black box.

Line 2: You sound... young. Remember this feeling, will you? If you get lonely...

KATE: A competent space traveler who's just had a traumatic experience.

Line 3: Certain. I was about three hundred clicks out before my boat started to fall apart in the atmosphere. I was even in radio contact with the station. Hey, you don’t look so good.

Line 4: I don’t know. I’m bleeding. I can’t feel my toes.


HATTER: A tricky sort of fellow with a roguish sense of humor. Though he's not quite right under the hat, if you know what I mean. He's a survivor. He manipulates, calculates, extrapolates, and drinks tea.

Line 1: At last you've arrived! Honestly, how difficult are a few simple instructions?

Line 2: The only one who matters. Or mattered. Something like that. Tenses are so hard to follow, don't you find it so? Mind the mushrooms. They're smarter than they look.

GRAYSON: A rough, grizzly son of a gun. A bit melancholy. Home is quite a far way away.

Line 1: Wouldn’t be much of an anniversary if I didn’t. We were... we were at a bar on an airforce base on Mars. This was before the second great expansion.

Line 2: I can see some smoke over the hill. It looks like... I think it’s a ship. I’m going to have a look.

Line 3: Look, Kate. I don’t know where you think you are but there isn’t a search party or a station. Just me.

Record several (three to five) takes of each line and save them all into one mp3 file per character. The filename should look like 'CHARACTER NAME_YOUR NAME.mp3'

Send your mp3s to by midnight, December 22, 2014

Good luck! And may the Saturday night be ever in your fever!

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The Pendy Awards are now open! (Completely different from the AVA.) And I'm up for a few things! Take a look, listen to a few shows, make a choice! It's educational! (Shakespeare's educational, right? Yeah...)

The polls close on November 29.

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Hey. Writers. Listen. I realize it's NaNoWriMo month (Is that like saying ATM machine?) and you guys are all tapping into the speed force to produce your masterpieces as quickly as possible. But when you're done with your 50,000+ words and you still feel that nervous creative energy crackling around you, why not cool down with writing a 3-15 page audio script?

Not sure how to write one? No problem! It's easy! Pendant even has a little guide to get you started.

And when your beautiful piece of audio fiction is written, I'll have the privilege of bringing it to life! That's right. As the director of "Seminar," I'll take your words and find actors to speak them. I'll create the sound effects you tell me to create to turn your work into a living, breathing media experience. And I'll top it off with a score to add drama and atmosphere to your adventure.

As a writer myself, I know how thrilling it is to hear someone be a character you have created. I know the chills when you hear your name spoken in the credits for the first time following the words, "written by..." I know that feeling of wonder listening to a world you have created breathe and move around you. It's like playing back a dream.

Submit a script to Pendant Audio's "Seminar." Bring me your tragic heroes, your misunderstood villains, your unexpected plot twists, and I will give them life!

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