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Writers Guilt
I've been fortunate that since finishing college I've been a stay at home mom.  Within two years of completing college, when my oldest was four, we started home schooling. I might not have been producing an income like Mr. W but at the end of most days the ...

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Parenting: Moments of hope and despair Moments of triumph and defeat Moments of dependence and independence Moments to love, hug, laugh, cry, do over, pick up, plan, be Moments to take your breath away Last week I received a note from my twenty year old dau...

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Rejections- the response to your query
As a writer one must develop a tough skin when it comes to
facing rejections. From what I've noticed the writers with the healthiest
attitude toward rejections are those who don’t take it personally and realize
in most cases their vision just wasn't clickin...

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Meeting the Stars Etiquette OR how to Not Be An Idiot
“Don’t hug Nathan Fillion,” the girl scanning our ticket
said. I rolled my eyes. “We've already had an incident,” she continued by way
of explanation.   Behind the curtains
screening the line we waited in stood the star of Castle and the short lived sci-fi ...

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Exquisite Sadness of Life
The phrase ‘the exquisite sadness of life’ keeps running
through my head today. One of Webster’s definitions of exquisite is ‘marked by
deep sensitivity’.  Today we buried a neighbor,
teacher, brother in Christ; tomorrow we bury another such soul. Two good ...

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The Purpose Beneath the Story
The goal of a writer is tell a good tale. One in which the
reader is drawn in, the cares of the real world drop away, and they connect the people and
places on the page. At times a writer will have a deeper purpose to the story
they are telling. This underc...

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18 January 2014 Photo Diary
At 4:15 a.m. NAW’s alarm went off. I felt cheated as
according to my calculations we should be able to sleep until 4:45 and make it
on time. That extra 30 minutes wasn’t to be. By 5:15 WRW, NRW and I met up with
other youth and leaders from church and heade...
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