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Deacon Bradley
Punch *average* in the FACE!
Punch *average* in the FACE!

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My latest for #CrossFit  gym owners (posted at Fringe Sport - LOVE this place!)

Looks like I'm the only one at HEB at 11pm on a Saturday making a "fruit for my preschoolers breakfast" run. #dadLife

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Awesome guide for #CrossFit gym owners, managers, and coaches. I can't believe how many boxes had no idea these apps existed!

What medical fields are trying / using cash based practices these days? I know Chiropractors are. Anyone else?

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The best material I've read on finding your calling. No doubt I'll be rereading this book for years to come.

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The more I learn about what makes a good story, the more I'm able to apply it to my own story! #podcast  

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Stoked to have +Caleb Wojcik on the Life Stoked podcast today sharing his story and lessons learned making the leap from corporate America to online #entrepreneur  .

Be more. Do more. Give more. #lifeStoked

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Two masters degree, the youngest executive at a Fortune-50, multiple successful startup exits (and failures), and he's not yet 35. 

All this and he still says, "I have no clue what to do with my life."

It's hard to sum up everything that I learned from +John Saddington  so just *go listen to his interview* where he generously shares his experience. #entrepreneur   #startup   #software   #podcast   #interview

Putting down some thoughts on living an adventure over lunch. Such a fascinating topic!
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