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*need a quote i guess*
*need a quote i guess*

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JP Programmer Proverbs:

A cache is a bug you have not fixed yet.

JP Programmer Proverbs:

You should spend as much time thinking about the name of a function then writing the function itself.

no phone JP: Day ???

I've lost all track of time. Days just blur together as an endless drone. I fear that I have grown accustomed my eternal purgatory. My phone refuses to even get past the boot screen now. There has never been a more lonley walk than the one from my shuttle to the apartment. Without my phone in my hands my hand constantly twitches as though I have some sort of disease.

My hanging/words with friends games are all but distant memories of a happier, more innocent, time.

My only source of news into the outside world comes from day-old newspapers others carelessly toss around. I'm unable to hold even a mildly amusing conversation as I have no knowledge of sports or world events. I want to go snowboarding but what's the point if I can't measure my airtime / max velocity on my squaw/alpine app?

The cable broke but i can't call anyone to fix it.


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JP Sondag had a hangout named free willy2 vhs tape we found in the cabin from tahoe tv is 10 inches so we are hangouting so everyone can watch. {url}Murali G, James Burkhart, Danilo D, Cathy Vo, Billy Vong, and Matt Lilek
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