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Old Laws To Include New Technologies
Bullying has been around for ages, but today there is a new twist to the old formula known as cyber bullying. Many states already have laws in place that punish people guilty of bullying, however some states don't have any provisions in place that include c...

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Summer Youth Crime.
Happy 4th everyone from the “Cradle of Liberty” Boston
Massachusetts!   During this glorious
expression of our great nation there are still problems that need to be
addressed.   One that is inherent with
this time of year is the equation hotter weather=hott...

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Boston Harborfest 2016
Boston Harborfest 2016   Join Boston's Huge Independence Day Celebration!   Boston Harborfest , the largest Independence Day festival in the United States, celebrates Boston's colonial, Revolutionary War, and maritime history and heritage with fireworks, en...

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The Consequences of Probation Violation.
It doesn’t take much.   You or a loved one has been released on probation and you feel free
again.   Keep in mind that probation is
just what it says it is - and you are on a short leash.   The first thing that must be done in the
Commonwealth of Massachuse...

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Summertime Means More Teenage Crime.
With teenagers out of school the incidence of juvenile crime
will probably be on the rise in Massachusetts.   Are you aware that in the Commonwealth you only need to be 17 years old
to be tried as an adult?   It may not seem
fair, but that is the law.   And...

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Ideas for Memorial Day in Boston 2016
Memorial Day in Boston 2016   10 Fun Things to Do in Boston on Memorial Day Weekend  Click the link above for 10 suggestions for ceremonies, events, plus fun things to do in Boston during this first long summer weekend.

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White Collar Crime in Massachusetts.
Everyone has heard of Bernie Madoff.   His case is bigger than life and we might
think that flying below the radar prevents us or loved ones from ever being
accused of white collar crime.   Know
this, no matter what scale the offense may be law enforcement ...

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Criminal Addicts in Massachusetts.
It is estimated that over half of the 2+ million people in
U.S. prisons have a clinical addiction.   These statistics come from the National Association of Drug Court
Professionals.   If the underlying cause
of crime is that someone is addicted, then what a...

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Boston Event Calendar for May 2016
Boston Event Calendar for May 2016 <click the link above for information> Check the Boston Event Calendar for May 2016 for fun things to do as spring arrives.  Boston bursts into bloom, and you'll want to be outside soaking up the sun.

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Motorcycle Vehicle Crimes in Massachusetts.
Just because you are involved in a traffic offense with a
motorcycle does not minimize the exposure.   In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a motor vehicle crime of any kind
may be charged as a misdemeanor AND a felony.   That’s right…both!   Now we are
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