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Really kinda bummed you have me blocked on my primary account +Elena Hight​. I really enjoyed your feed in my stream and had been wondering why I hadn't seen anything from you. Guess now I know. 

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I will follow you +Snowbird Utah for a pair of lift tickets. :)

It really sucks that I played the game +Ingress and made Level 8. I got my account in March. Then safety concerns arose. A pair of agents confronted you if you came and played near their house at the portals they submitted, they harrassed us on comms, there were even reported but not personally confirmed instances of people being followed.

These agents were reported to +Nia Ops and nothing was ever done. Then one morning we were confronted, they yelled at us while we were in a car on the street. Not cool. I had enough. I quit playing because obviously Ingress would do nothing to help.

I missed the game. I just could not tollerate their confrontations, their harrassment. I could not do anything on my handle of "texfrost" without them harrassing me on comms and me fearing they would come confront me. So after weeks went by and I missed the game more and more, I created a new account so I could play in safety from these two.

They still showed up. In a town 30 minutes away. I had been playing for 16 hours. And they showed up and confronted me.

I got the hell out and told an agent from both sides. I went home after deleting Ingress from my phone, and logged into Intel and proceeded to rip them a new one since again, NIA would do nothing. Obviously I can't even play another new account and blow up their portals without them coming out un announced to confront people.

My account was banned. Meh. Didn't care. I quit playing. Though as weeks went by, I started playing out of town and I heard less and less about drama from those two. So I started playing closer to home on my original account. Finally I could play Harassment Free and Confrontation Free.

Then I was banned for playing two accounts. I'm not sure how I can get banned for playing two accounts when one is already banned. I only had access to one. The first account was only created out of safety concerns that no one would address so I had to do it myself.

Then I was given my 2nd account back. Since I want texfrost back, I had it deleted. I have tried to contact NIA via G+, hangouts, Reddit, Facebook etc.

The only person to ever respond was +Anne Beuttenmuller. I have been blocked on my main G+ account by Ingress. This is getting irritating. I can't start over for fear they will ban my new account.

What blows most, is that I have reported people who admit running 3 and 4 accounts and spoofing on all of them and NIA ignores me. I have reported two or three of them. Nothing.

Thanks guys. Thanks for taking more time to activily ignore me than it would take to look into this.

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