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Rick The Adventure Core
Howdy little lady, my name's Rick.
Howdy little lady, my name's Rick.

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Hello everybody, I've started this community to spread "Art Abandonment" to G+ from FB and anywhere else it might be. Please join and spread the smiles, it's easy to do! :D
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I'm going to leave this account, start fresh and make a new one. Once I make it, I'll tag it here if you want to follow me there and watch as I struggle to build myself back up, but I doubt many of you will. I might follow some of you who I don't want to give up but I've drifted away from so many of you, I don't know anymore. Wish me luck, and I hope you all have a wonderful life.
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My name's S. Luck but I am not lucky
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I just realized that I shifted from a normal account with actual posts and friends to a lovesick account that only posted crappy pictures and compliments and now that that's over this is a dead account
I might try to come back
we'll see
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🌈Pride month questionnaire:
❤🌈Sexuality: lesbian
💛🌈Gender pronouns: she/her
💚🌈Gender: female
💙🌈Relationship status: single as death
💜🌈Celebrity crush: do fictional characters count?
💙🌈Crush: The girl who loves me no longer and the girl who loves me differently
💚🌈Best Friend: Ash
💛🌈When you came out: I came out as bi to my friends two or three years ago and started coming out as lesbian this past year
❤🌈First person you came out to: ​​Ash
💛🌈First gf/bf: +Tweedle Dee unless you count stupid elementary relationships
💚🌈First heart break: again, +Tweedle Dee
💙🌈Ever had a crush on a straight person?: yep and that's how i learned that friends might not be great friends
💜🌈Fallen for a friend?: yes
💙🌈Cool straight friend: tmw you don't know which of your friends are straight anymore imma say camille
💛🌈Person that made you doubt your sexuality: mean people i will not name
❤🌈Are you proud of your sexuality?: of course
💛🌈Are you comfortable with your sexuality?: yep
💚🌈Describe yourself: I am me
💙🌈LGBTQ+ hero: ​​my great uncle
💜🌈Favourite part of being LGBTQ+?: Helping others realize that we're normal, everyday people. All we want is equality
Tag 20 others
my accounts been dead so idk who's even on anymore
you can do it if you want
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HEY EVERYONE CAN YOU DO ME A FAVOR go on +Lil Philip Ham's account in the anxiety collection and there's a poll for who's son is better
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ok so. a group of friends and i have made a hangouts roleplay group, and we really need people to join, since our squad basically died on us.

· must know how to be at least semi-descriptive
· no one liners unless you truly cant do anything else
· have a profile ready so we can keep the chat organized by character names and pfps
· have to be okay with smut
· have to be okay with ships that may not be the norm
· dont be mad at a rejection of a ship
· dont try to take control of the chat, Lilly started it and Lilly doesn't intend on losing my place as the leader.
· dont be salty all the time
· be open on meeting new people
· no double characters
· no godding
· please be open to new things, not everything is serious

this is modern au

Alexander Hamilton- Taken
John Laurens-
Lafayette- Taken
Aaron Burr- Taken
Washington- Taken
Eliza- Taken
Angelica- Taken
Peggy- Taken
King George- Taken
Samuel Seabury- Taken
Thomas Jefferson- Taken
James Madison- Taken
Charles Lee-
Philip Hamilton- Taken
George Eacker-
Maria Reynolds- Taken
James Reynolds-
Philip Schuyler-
Theodosia Jr.- Taken
Theodosia Sr.-
John Pierre Burr- Taken

first come first serve
hangouts names are needed
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I was right all along
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lil apple fritter
Originally shared by ****
Lil Poptart 😒 Lmao such a Faggot Name.
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