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"Instead of diving into 3D computer-generated simulation of a pre-prepared world, Nokia’s next-gen spherical camera is actually teleporting me across the room in real time."
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Astronomy Picture of the Day

2015 November 29

Dark Sand Cascades on Mars

Image Credit: HiRISE, MRO, LPL (U. Arizona), NASA

They might look like trees on Mars, but they're not. Groups of dark brown streaks have been photographed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on melting pinkish sand dunes covered with light frost.

The above image was taken in 2008 April near the North Pole of Mars. At that time, dark sand on the interior of Martian sand dunes became more and more visible as the spring Sun melted the lighter carbon dioxide ice. When occurring near the top of a dune, dark sand may cascade down the dune leaving dark surface streaks -- streaks that might appear at first to be trees standing in front of the lighter regions, but cast no shadows.

Objects about 25 centimeters across are resolved on this image spanning about one kilometer. Close ups of some parts of this image show billowing plumes indicating that the sand slides were occurring even while the image was being taken. 
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TeeFury Daily Tees --

"T-60 Power Armor" by DrMonekers and "The Anomaly" by JohnLucke are available now for $11 on TeeFury. Hurry, ends Sunday 9PM (PST).

Get yours here:
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This is a snail shell, magnified 2500:1. It's pretty amazing.
This is apparently a 2500:1 shot of a White-lipped snail, showing its finery in the finest detail. Eye of Science is the source, and offers many more striking examples of nature photography. [via]
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This 'Super Mario Bros.' watch will cost you $18,950
If you're a really, supremely huge fan of Nintendo's plumber, you now have a flashy way to show that off.
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Traditional way of Russian tea consuming is to drink tea from glasses in glass holders. Even now, you can try it in Russian trains – it is like a custom.
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How the chiton mollusk puts hundreds of eyes in its body armor has been deciphered by researchers. "Most eyes in nature are made of organic molecules. In contrast, the chiton's eyes are inorganic and made of the same crystalline mineral called aragonite that also assembles the body armor. They enable the chiton to perceive changes in light and thus to respond to approaching predators by tightening their grip to surfaces under water."

"Using a suite of highly resolving microscopic and crystallographic techniques, the team unraveled the 3-dimensional architecture and geometry of the eyes, complete with an outer cornea, a lens and an underlying chamber that houses the photoreceptive cells necessary to feed focused images to the chiton's nervous system. Importantly, the researchers found that aragonite crystals in the lens are larger than in the shell and organized into more regular alignments that allow light to be gathered and bundled."
The protective shell of a sea-dwelling chiton paves the way towards new materials that combine different functions
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Bedhan Ball

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Check your credit card transactions: 54 Starwood hotels hit by malware
The hotel chain's point-of-sale systems in 54 locations were compromised.
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A sleeping fox counts chicken in his dreams.
Russian proverb

Photographer Igor Shpileno
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