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I agree. It's almost like Twitter on steroids.
I love the idea of targeted 'tweets'. Wonder if twitter will add that. 
You can get the Chrome tool bar extention to share with twitter as well as with facebook. 
Joshua - I hardly ever look at a computer anymore. If it's not on an iPhone or ipad, I'm probably not looking at it. Looking forward to more mobile connectivity. 
Very true. Me either. Hopefully the phone apps will soon be opening up with more versatility. The android app is cool but very basic at the moment. 
dunno...the people I follow on twitter are hilarious! Maybe my circles need expanding but not many of my people post.
I think it's something that both Facebook and Twitter don't have. Twitter for tweet chats and the stream of what everyone is doing, FB for chat and connecting with groups and businesses, and Google+ is a place to hang out and be more personal than those places. It's almost like family here and crowd there or something.
Right now circles feel just like lists to me. I've used lists for years on twitter. I am eager to try out the hanging feature. Right now it's fun to just explore something new!
what is funny is that facebook has deleted all adds from google plus
G+ has huge potential! When the dust settles, we could see several casualties.
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