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Molly Aufdermauer
Advising Coordinator, Stanford SOM
Advising Coordinator, Stanford SOM

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Ugh. Does anyone here know how to work with DotNetNuke pages? I'm editing a site someone else made and have hit a road block... Let me know.

Disseminating calls for applications to Stanford's Human Rights Education Symposium for Community College teachers. If you work at a California Community College or know people who do, let me know!

Amigos: Necesito sugerencias para audiolibros en espanol. Cuales son tus favoritos? (O libros en general y buscare el audio.)

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Christmas gift for the man: Nuts and Bolts Cufflinks: $10.

If you were limited to $25-or-less options, what would you ask for for Christmas?

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+Tamra Thacker I'm sharing this for you. +Louis Gray Any way we might have the capability of creating (in G+) a circle of people we used to follow in Google Reader (before sharing was murdered) but ONLY seeing the things they +1'd and shared to G+ without seeing all their "social network" status updates? (That was a long sentence. Hopefully it made sense.) Do you think that will be a possibility in the future? I think lots of people would like to separate out status updates and shared posts.
With today's news out on Google Reader getting a new design and the ability to share to Google+, I finally have some breathing room to blog a bit and talk about the progression. Reader is such an important product to me as a user, that I'd probably give up Gmail first if forced to choose. I once said I wouldn't take $25k to give up Reader. I'm glad Reader is able to play a part in Google+, and working with +Mihai Parparita and +Alan Green and others on this product is a privilege. Looking forward to all your shares.

Upcoming lectureship will highlight Dr. Calne, the surgeon who performed "the world’s first successful combined stomach, intestine, pancreas, liver, and kidney cluster transplant." Dang. That was one lucky transplant patient.

Are you signed up to be an organ donor? I am. :)

I have a Q-Tip song stuck in my mind. First time in weeks that the song stuck in my head isn't from the kids' CD, since Liam whines and fusses in the car unless we turn it on. Who knew a 9-month old could be so bossy and opinionated?? Regardless, thank you Q-Tip. It's a nice change.

I'm starting to think the point of Pinterest is to remind us all that we don't actually have enough time to do all the cute projects we're pinning...

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Love it.
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