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You can all add each other from this. Go ahead! :)
I'm a newbie to google+. Galaxy note owner since late Jan. From Malaysia. Add me please.
Got my note give days ago. Perfect phone for me
+Bart Altena +barnabas liao click the Add circle above to add the existing 106 members. They will get notifications and soon add you back.

Remember to update your google+ profile. People prefer to add somebody without a profile photo and description of himself.
Another +1 from Israel. Well.. not exactly, since i live in Brazil now :D
+Alex Fung is it feasible to add 100s of people ? I mean I hvnt use g+ much, adding a circle will add all people to my profile rite?
+Vishal Katyare There are three different meaning for adding here. At first, Ron adds everybody to a chat group. Chap group is for group messaging. Yes there is an upper limit of 100 for a chat group. It doesn't make sense to have so many people in a chat room because it is so noisy that you cannot discuss anything.

Since the chat group has already 98 person, it is not possible to add more.

Within chat room, there is also a hangout feature. Up to around a dozen people can enable the audio/video feed to really talk. Other people (even those not in the chat group may view it as a youtube feed.

A second meaning of adding is what you do when you click the "add to circle" link above. It creates a circle for you. You give the circle a name, a name that only you can see. We typically name it Galaxy Note circle, but you can use any name you want. Or you can choose an existing circle of yours. Either way, the 106 people listed in the "shared circle" will be added to your circle.

The above two types of adding is done by yourself. The third type is done by others. When you add those 106 people, they will be notified. They will have to figure out that you want to join the Galaxy Note circle, and decide to add you back into their Galaxy Note circle. When they add you back, you will be able to access a larger portion of their profile and posts.

So after adding us to your circle, sit tight and wait for posts to appear in your home stream. At the same time, share posts into the circle.
Thanks Alex for ur detailed explanation !
+gabe settecase screenshot : you can
a.take it with the stylus pen (press the pen button and touch the screen)
b.Simultaneously press home + power button (that might take some practice)
c. swipe the screen from left to right with your whole palm (that also takes some getting used to ..)
b doesn't really need to be simultaneous. Like iOS, you first press home and keep it pressed. Then you press the power button to take the screen shot. It is a little more difficult than on iOS because if you delay too long, the "long press home button" invokes the "recent apps" popup and your screen shot will be covered by the popup.

c. is the easiest. Is it available on other devices? or is it Galaxy Notes only?
+gabe settecase i know it exists :) you mean how to activate it ? it's in the keyboard settings. But i do not use the default keyboard so i have never tried it myself. SwiftKeyX FTW :)
It's a replacement keyboard. I find it much better that the default one or even swipe.
+Kristian Hakala No you haven't yet added us. Scroll up to Ron's later posts with 175 people above and click the "add circle" there to add us to a circle of yours.
Thank you Alex for helping them out. Lol
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