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This will be a short post. Attack of the Clones.  Not much that I remember happens. Anakin and Padme have a thing.  Anakin is really quite creepy, he’s all like ‘I fancy you’ and Padme’s like ‘No, it’s not happening’ then Akakin’s like ‘I REALLY fancy…

2:1 MSci Physics!!! 

Degree Finished.

Just finished Lost, and I think Ashes to Ashes did it better.

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Imagine the day when we can access the news from our home computers, it's gonna be amazing!

1981,News On Internet

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Soooo, I'm +University of Birmingham Astronomical Society chairperson. Cool.

I have never appreciated before how good eyes are at deciding whether you have won Connect 4 or not until I tried to code it in c++ :(

Steps: The Ultimate Tour? Oh yes.
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