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WOW What A Weekend
Were do I start Saturday I had a group of ladies from the sewing group coming over for the day We spent it in the cabin chatting going through books fabric and stuff, it was a brilliant day. Sunday we had a lovely family visiting our ranch. Louise John and ...

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Parsley And Wild Garlic
The other day I cut back loads of Parsley in the poly tunnel   I decided to dehydrate it or most of it, I don't freeze herbs as they take up room in the freezer and I think thy lose some of there flavours. I did one tray in the bottom oven of the Rayburn   ...

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Potting On Pottering
It was time to pot on the tomato plants  The roots were starting to come out of the bottom of there starter pots, they also have there true leaves now A few of the peppers needed potting on as well  I sowed some more sweet peas, the tops got pinched out of ...

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Dogs And Doves Update
Doves are doing well raising there young two weeks old  They are growing at a rate on knots and now feathering up Still ugly though but there mum loves them. Mum is leaving them more and more. Another couple of weeks and they will fledeg. I must get out the...

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101 And Finished
Its Sunday and the bad weather that was forecast for the week end seems to have skimmed past us. Yesterday Martin spent the day concreting the second bay of the goat house and I was down the cabin sewing. Today the sky may have been grey but it wasn't too b...

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Yippeee Its Friday
After a few days of the promise of spring, this morning started dull overcast gloomy with a chill in the air. The other day we had a beautiful T-shirt type of day, I was in my t-shirt working away clearing weeds from one of the garden borders and cutting ba...

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A Kitchen Trip North Of The Border
Sorry I haven't been anywhere just in the kitchen, I am sure I mentioned before my family roots are in Scotland we moved away when I was tot, I was brought up with Scottish food and traditions, my parents were loyal to there heritage. There are lots of Scot...

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Dogs And Doves
I will start with the Doves  So far so good, the hatching's are now 1 week old  Or Squabs is there proper name    Both eggs have hatched and the Squabs seem to be thriving, ugly little things, sorry this is the best photo I have managed to get without upset...

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Orders And Deliveries
This week end I got a couple of orders done  This wall hanging is for a fellow blogger, Its a new design I have been playing with   I managed to get a bag of Harris Tweed off cuts, they arrived yesterday, lovely colours and variety I have got a project in m...

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Curing The Hams
Good morning Janice and Mathew, Martin arrived home safe and sound after his visit to you in France. While Martin was away visiting his parents I was busy still processing the pork    The Serrano Ham was ready for the next stage Its now hanging in the wine ...
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