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Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc.

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How can a landscape architect improve you property?
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If you want an awe inspiring landscape or irrigation design, contact Michael at (561) 866-5978.
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At Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc. we just don't #create a #landscape for our #customers. We use a combination of #botany, #horticulture, #earth science and fine #arts to create the most beautiful and unique landscapes in South Florida
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Is a Landscape Architect in Delray Beach a Good Investment?

People buy and sell homes all the time. In fact, some people make a living buying run down homes and fixing them up in order to flip them for a profit. There are many ways to improve a property such as redoing a bathroom or kitchen, fresh new paint on the walls or even new flooring. People spend so much time thinking about the inside of their home that they forget about making the #outside look just as nice. Curb appeal is crucial when it comes to selling a home because nobody wants to live in a dump. If someone isn’t immediately attracted to your home then they aren’t going to consider buying it. They may not even want to look inside based on the dismal condition of the #landscaping. A landscape #architect like Michael J. Phillips can #design a new front and back yard for your home that really improves the overall aesthetic appeal and makes your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Some estimate that a new landscape design project, when done correctly, can improve the resale value of a home around 20%. That figure alone makes hiring a landscape architect in South Florida a wonderful investment. It can be challenging to know how much new landscaping your yard needs, but thankfully the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is here to help. They recommend investing 10% of your home’s value on the landscaping. A certified landscape architect can help you keep your design project on budget and create a new yard that fits perfectly with the rest of the home.

There are so many different features a landscape architecture can include in your yard such as water features, tree-lined driveways, bubbling fountains and beautiful pool decks and patios. You can ask for a simple, yet elegant design or you can ask for something totally new and unique. Just relay your vision to Michael J. Phillips and he can take your thoughts and put them on paper. People who try to design their own landscaping often don’t take things into consideration like irrigation, how much sunlight a plant needs or whether certain trees and shrubs go well with each other. Starting a landscape design project without a plan is a sure-fire way to make mistakes so avoid them by hiring Michael J. Phillips as your next landscape architect in Delray Beach. Call today and schedule a time for a consultation.
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If you'd like some cool designs, look no further. Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc. will #design any home or commercial project. Our designs are so great, you'll wish your space was bigger!
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Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc. specializes in #landscapedesign , irrigation design, LEED design, garden design, #hoteldesign , golf course design & more.

We help residential and #commercial clients beautify their space. Let us help you make a great first impression on your guests with a breathtaking design.
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Go Green with a LEED Design

America is slowly transforming into a #green nation. Everyone recognizes the importance of helping the environment by conserving energy, reducing water consumption, improving the quality of air and reducing costs. It affects every segment of our lives, whether we’re driving a hybrid car or using solar power. The importance of going green has now extended into the building and #landscaping industry. But what separates a green building from a regular building?  A new construction standard, known as #LEED, is now changing the way buildings are designed, constructed and maintained.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. It’s a series of standards developed by the Green Building Council to measure a building’s environmental value and #efficiency. LEED has already made a huge impact on how contractors develop commercial and residential architecture as well as #landscape design. It’s responsible for creating more consumer awareness of the benefits of green buildings and competition among builders to meet this new market. 

By utilizing the rules of LEED, you can improve and beautify the landscape of your residential or commercial property. One of the easiest ways is by adding native plants. Usually this type of vegetation uses a low amount of water.  This strategy is both   pleasing to the eye by lowering the disruption of your grass and water efficient.  To meet LEED landscape guidelines, here are some things you should consider. 

• Add the right amount of mulch or soil additives. 
• Till the compacted soil to at least 6 inches.
• Because you’re using native plants that require lower levels of water, make sure they can withstand drought conditions.
• If you decide to replace your sidewalks, make sure you use gray concrete or material which has a solar reflectance index level of at least 29.
• Do not use #hardscapes for your lot. Make sure your pavement is permeable and designed to direct water runoff towards an infiltration feature. 
• To reduce soil erosion, plant one tree or four f-gallon shrubs. 
• Because we live in rainy South Florida, install a rainwater cistern to properly distribute runoff from the roof. 

The benefits of using LEED certified material will bring numerous benefits to your property. LEED buildings can reduce water and energy bills by as much as 40 percent. For #commercial property, the benefits for LEED buildings can be even greater. By increasing your energy efficiency, it will help free up resources to create new jobs, attract new talent and expand your business operations. By having a LEED certification, your property will increase in value and you may qualify for tax rebates and zoning #allowances.  Ultimately, going green is not only good for the environment, it will save you money in the long run. The learn more about how LEED certified materials can improve your property, give Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture Inc. a call today.
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Beautify Your Home with a New Hardscape Design

South Floridians enjoy the advantage of warm weather throughout the year. It only makes sense to keep your property looking beautiful. The presentation of your home is a reflection of not only yourself, it also adds to the ambiance of your community. Adding new #hardscapedesigns   to your home is an excellent way to accentuate your property. Here are some popular hardscapes to create a better looking South Florida home.

Walkways are among the first features a visitor will notice about your property. One popular style is to create a #pathway   that connects your front yard to your back. Many South Florida walkways can be built using materials such as sandstone, limestone, brick, pebbles or marble. Your connecting pathway will be easy to clean of leaves and debris. Illuminating your pathway will make it look attractive and safer.

When you think of South Florida, water and #tropical   themes often come to mind. Adding water features such as a fountain or waterfall can also bring out the beauty and enhance the decor of your home. If you’re more adventurous, you can add a pond or stream in your backyard. Water features can provide your home with a relaxing atmosphere, whether you’re entertaining guests or just alone with the family.

If you have an existing #pool   , you may want to consider adding water features or even a beach entry or sun shelf. One the simplest ways to improve its look is to upgrade the finish of the paving. A change in the color or texture of pavers, or the addition of marble or travertine can change the mood of your backyard. Adding new decking can also be a good idea. A deck can provide additional space to set up your chairs or tables for outdoor living.

Building a #garden   terrace is a nice feature if you have a sloped area in your yard. If you don’t have a sloped area, you can still create terraces by adding necessary fill. A nice terrace can also add additional outdoor living area. This may be paved, or simply lawn. Make sure the terrace walls are built correctly. This will create better drainage and won’t compromise your efforts.

If you’re entertaining guests, impress them with a fire pit. You can install seating around the pit by using large stones, or concrete benches. You’ll never have more fun than roasting marshmallows, cooking food or just enjoying the open flame.

If you’re looking to add a new hardscape to your home, Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture Inc. can provide all the features you need to give your property a fresh look. Located in Delray Beach, Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture is able to complete a wide range of projects for both commercial and residential properties.
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Have you ever wished you could learn more about landscape and design straight from the experts?  Do you want to mix and mingle with other people who share your passion for landscaping?  You can do all this and more at the FLASLA Annual Conference & Expo.  Read on to get an insider's perspective on what happened at the 2013 conference, and don't forget to buy your tickets to next year's event!

Quality #landscapearchitecture and hardscape design add great aesthetic value and curb appeal to homes, commercial properties, resort hotels and other land uses especially in the unique sub-tropical climate of South Florida. As a landscape architect in Delray Beach, I have the exceptional opportunity to analyze, plan, and design hardscapes and landscapes for some beautiful projects in South Florida. I know that beautifying and enhancing a home or commercial property is an interesting topic to many, and that there are numerous resources available to learn more about it. The 2013 FLASLA Annual Conference & Expo is is one source for professionals in the field. The conference is the premiere destination to gather information on the fascinating world of landscape architecture. I recently attended, and would love to give you an insider’s view of the conference.

The Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects holds the conference and expo in a different Florida city each year. This year it was held at the Vinoy Resort and Spa in St. Petersburg. With over 500 people in attendance, there were plenty of landscape architecture specialists to reconnect with and learn from. It was refreshing to see many of my colleagues gathered in one place, and great to trade occupational anecdotes with others who share my passion for landscape architecture.

One highlight of this year’s conference was the opening key note speaker, Story Musgrave. Mr. Musgrave applied his experience as an astronaut, surgeon, landscape designer, and horticulturist to the principles of landscape architecture. His speech was very interesting on a personal level, and informative on a professional level. There were many other speeches, tours, workshops, and expos to take in during the three day conference.

Emerging design trends is a particularly interesting topic among landscape architects, especially in Delray Beach as the city’s historical background dates back to 1895. Incorporating the history of a building or site can be important when designing a landscape. The restoration of several resort hotels, including the Vinoy was an informative presentation from an insider’s view. Updating garden attractions for contemporary use was another of the topics discussed. Combining tradition, innovation, and modernization creates an interesting and visually pleasing design for any landscape. Utilizing palms and #cycads was also a topic of discussion. Native to tropical climates, these can sometimes be overused in South Florida landscape. When placed carefully, they add beauty and character to a landscape.

Tours of St. Petersburg’s historic Sunken Gardens, waterfront parks, museums, and downtown waterfront rounded out the conference. The 2013 FLASLA Annual Conference & Expo was informative as well as fun and I highly encourage anyone interested in south Florida landscape architecture to follow the annual event. You will be privy to a wealth of information regarding new products, and the practice of landscape architecture. Mixing and mingling with people who share common interests such as horticulture, #botany, and design while taking in the local flavor is an added bonus.
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#Landscapedesign in South Florida presents a unique opportunity due to the tropical climate.  Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture can help you choose trees, shrubs, and flowers that will thrive in the lovely South Florida climate while looking beautiful.  Check out our blog for some things to keep in mind when landscaping your home or office in South Florida, and let the professional landscape architects at Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture help you improve your property through landscaping. 
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