Si no has visto este video, lo recomiendo altamente. Si buscas la certificación de GAIQ o solo para que peudas hacer mejor el seguimiento de conversiones de tu sitio.
Define additional segments to apply to your visitors on Google Analytics

In the video below +Phil Mui and +Nick Mihailovski, both from the Google Analytics team, go over best practices for using Custom Variables, a feature on the product that can be used to decorate pages, visits or visitors. It is an extremely valuable way to understand your visitors better.

I love Custom Variables (and I am not exaggerating!) I use it often to understand the differences between the behavior of new users as compared to registered or buyers on the website (visitor level). I also use it to understand the performance of internal campaigns (visit value) and of specific content value (page level). What about you? Do you use it? What for?

You can learn the bits and bytes of Custom Variables at
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