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Either I am flying faster or the plastic is more brittle in the cold. I broke two arms and two props yesterday. 

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What Might Have Been part 2.
I was never a good reader. In high school and college I would go to the library to read Aviation Week, or look at books on flying (not many) and electronics. There were always little project books. About 1978, I went into the very back of a B. Dalton Book S...

My eachine racer 250 had a significant impact. Most of the connectors on the pdc and the standoffs for the controller broke when the battery slid forward.

Is there a better 250 sized chassis?

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Dang now I have to figure out what is wrong with my battery (and find a new balanced charger).

(The bottom regulator let out the magic smoke)

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Becoming an Embedded Programmer
Some people want to be embedded software engineers. Not everyone is cut out for doing web pages, an making the page a little more blue (it happened to me when I was confused, early 2000's). No, some people like to get data in the raw, and make it something ...

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Microsoft and I feel the same about each other

If I showed up for a job interview screaming, "I am the only one who can fix your company, I have a plan". The interviewer might ask what the plan is.

Why didn't 13 million interviewers not ask?

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Anyone else find Blu Phone Customer service Sucks?

I pre-ordered a couple Blu Life One X's for my kids in December 2015, they were delivered in Jan 2016. This is a brand new product. The products have 1 year warranty. In April, both of the phones had the power button fall off. I contacted customer support, and things were moving along fine, but when they finally saw the receipt and everything ready for warranty work, radio silence.

Then my son broke his screen. I thought I'd start a new ticket, and they claim my receipt doesn't prove the phone is less than a year old. Hmmm... they didn't even make the phone last year, it was BRAND NEW in January of 2016. How can it possibly be out of warranty?

Never buy a Blu phone...

Now the Google play store app is almost useless. Reviews are meaningless, you used to be able to tell if a good app got worse. Now of the app was ever good it'll stay good.

Search works if you use Google search. The search in the play store is broken, and always has been.
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