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"Im So Happy"..........:-)

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Parody of this Song!

Star Trek Conventions
Charles Trippy
Shay Carl

of Girls Looking for HOT HTML and C++ Conversation! NO KIDDING!

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Looking to generate that creative spark? I noticed something in the last month. Getting excited about Google+ put my creativity on overdrive. Like 1000x.

Why? I'm not really sure. At first, I thought it was just because I became really interested in G+ itself. It focused my mind, and made me start reading & thinking in a voracious manner. Then as I started to write and rewrite this post, I started to think it was the G+ community that's sharing and writing stuff that's getting me excited. Maybe I'm being inspired by others?

I read a quote from Lady Gaga where she said she just hopes she gets all her songs out before she dies. I'm kinda feeling that way right now. I have too many ideas to tackle at once and the more I consume my feed on Google+ the more I add to the list. And I'm not talking about business ideas -- I'm talking about people I want to meet, places I want to go, things I want to write, and ways to make the world better.

One month ago I was trying to decide between COD4 and Tiger Woods Golf. Pizza or Thai food. I'd been in that mode for several years. I'd chosen things in life that were enjoyable, but more passive. Sitting on the beach, watching movies. Even snowboarding & surfing to me was not "active" -- it was relaxation. I loved relaxing in that manner, and it may have been in reaction to an intensive 6 or 7 years of work. But it's also been thrilling to feel the spark of creativity come alive in me.

I never really thought much about what makes you creative. But I think there's some power in these here interwebz. If you're getting the itch and wish you could spark some creative juices right now, as an experiment, try browsing around G+ and adding the most interesting people you can to your feed. Let me know how it goes in the coming weeks. Or maybe some of you have already experienced this already yourselves on G+ ... ?

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If you're having a bad day, hope this cheers you up.....Do the Carlton...
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