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Has anyone noticed that the phone sometimes chokes when switching networks? On my one hour drive to work it intermittently hangs and won't connect to the alternate provider for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. There are other times when this works fine. My old provider (T-Mobile) only has edge for about half of the drive. I stream music through Pandora for the drive so that becomes problematic. When I leave home the phone is on T-Mobile and has LTE and is working great. When the phone drops to edge and switchs to Sprint as they have LTE coverage there where T-Mobile only has edge for the rest of the way it will just sometimes not switch over for a while. Is this a common problem or anything I can do to help the switching process?
I also noticed after manually flashing the most recent Fi factory image and the phone seems to randomly drop wifi connection. The previous build didn't seem to have this problem.
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

So I'm am apartment hunting.
Later today I get the privilege of taking a look at three different places not too far from the new job I am working at now. This is the first time I am doing this in about 6 or 7 years.
Can anyone let me know some good questions to ask or have any pointers?
I know about utilities and some of the other charges like taxes and what not that would typically need to be taken into account for monthly expenses. What kind of services can be allowed for internet is another thing. But I really don't have a good list. I just know the amount I would like to spend each month and the kind of rooms it will need to have. Especially since I need another room for a office so I can occasionally work from home.
Any advice or question I should ask would be greatly appreciated.

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I do really like this song. There is just something about it. And at times it matches my feelings really well.

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Just stumbled on this video with stumbleupon.
This box is a cool novelty idea and must have been fun to develop.

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Maybe someone can help me with this.
When listening to this song it seems very familiar to me.
It is a great acappella song, but I can't help feeling that I know the song from somewhere else.
The melody is really catchy to me and I think it might be a foreign language cover of an American pop song.
Does anyone possibly know what song it might be?

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I found this to be a great cover off this song.
I am not sure why, but I find that I can really connect with the lyrics in it too.
It really strikes a chord with me so to speak.

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Sometimes I dislike listening to terrestrial radio.
It causes songs like this to get stuck in my head.
Good song, but I know it will be with me for the rest of the day now.
And as I think about it, this song is incredibly upbeat considering the lyrics and message of the song.
A nice change from the normal depressive feeling of most of the songs on the topic.

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This is pretty amazing development allowing iOS applications to be run in an Android environment.
While it may not be perfectly smooth experience, it is a nice step far beyond proof of concept.
The amount of work to get the APIs used by Apple applications to work on Android through their "diplomats" is probably no small feet.
The ability to run it natively through interpretations of commands rather then virtualization leads to a possibility that this project might lead to a platform that would be stable and faster.
The Cider project shows potential for being a method for experiencing both Apple and Android apps on the same device and would be welcomed by many different users.
The uniformity across all Android devices might prove difficult due to hardware differences and software implementation.
But I applaud the developers of this for the progress they made so far in this interesting project.
This is something I see that does have a potential market and would be something that consumers would purchase.

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Can't deny I have done this myself.

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Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed?

Okay true T-Mobile lte is highly impressive.
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