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Happy International Childfree day 2016
Today is August 1st. I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.  It's the third week of term two of university as well, and I have mere weeks left before exams and then months off before Graduation! I feel like I'm on a roller coaster right now. This...

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Just some things I'm really proud of...
This week I have been thinking about the things I'm proud of and I came to the conclusion that I don't just have one thing, so here's my round up of things I'm proud of... In no particular order - 1. Proposing to Daniel my darling fiance and husband to be. ...

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Learning and Educational opportunities.
This year is my final year at university and as I get ever closer to graduation and my final two papers being done. I realise that Education, and learning for that matter, is an every day occurrence both in and out of the classroom. For me learning is about...

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Our Bedroom a super quick Room Tour in Photos
Photo special this week - Our bedroom... and how I have changed up the decor since we moved in.  December 2015 to now -  When we had just moved in.  I don't know why the wall looks like it's two tones - in person it is all the same white.  Bedside table - o...

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Special Post PSA: Foot or Toe Pain and Morton's Neuroma
I have a Morton's Neuroma and that's a swollen nerve. Yes it is painful. No I won't need an operation yet. No I don't want the injection therapy for it. Since April 28th* I've been battling sore feet. More specifically it feels like there's a marble or ston...

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10 things I think about Winter
This week it has been feeling colder as Winter brings in more cool weather and snow hits the mountains... I was thinking about how Winter is a pretty special time of year - for us in New Zealand it's winter in the middle of the year June to August ... and s...

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A check in and some new things in the works!
Back on January 4th 2016 I wrote this post and highlighted these goals -  1. To finish my final 5 papers for my final year of study at VUW. I'm enrolled in a paper for summer which starts tomorrow - I'm excited and nervous to get these final 5 papers done. ...

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Special Post PSA: Names and naming rights.
So for a while now I've been thinking about names and how we name the things we do. Children, pets, vehicles, trees and plants, heck even our homes...  Not much can escape being named by most people! This blog's name - My blog's name is "Lisa's Life From We...

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Hello blog no I haven't forgotten about you
Two weeks ago was my last blog post ... Oops! and to be honest I've been very, very busy the past couple of weeks!  I went home for the weekend and celebrated with  Daniel and his family for his Nanna's 80th birthday.  Had a family dinner with our parents, ...

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Update for the year and the future is coming
It is insane how fast this year has flown by, it's already the middle of May and that means that I have only mere months before I'm all done with study. Come mid November after my final two exams are done, I'm a free woman - from university life at least - ...
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