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Lindsey McNeill
Actor, Screenwriter, Director
Actor, Screenwriter, Director

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  "In the slaughterhouse of love, they kill only the best, none of the weak or deformed. Don't run away from this dying. Whoever's not killed for love is dead meat."  - RUMI We're in the dark times again. The light around us has dimmed, become artificial. W...

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Honour the Realm of the Unknown
Falling or flying. It's hard to tell sometimes, isn't it? We claim to want to feel alive, but shrink at the vulnerability it requires of us. There is a price to be paid for your freedom. People don't often speak of this. The old must be grieved. Even when l...

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Watch the video pitch for my short film BRADFORD, an homage to Hitchcock and John Carpenter! Your vote this week can help me receive a $10K production grant - see here:

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Hello Friends! I am submitting another project to STORYHIVE and I'm thrilled to tell you about it! This round is exclusively for female directors and over 200 are in this competition, just incredible. Supported by community votes - people like YOU - a handf...

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Leaving the Suffering Business
Photo by Laura Makabresku Today is a powerful day. We have a lunar eclipse and full moon in Pisces , which essentially means you will be feeling everything. Everything that isn't working right now and everything that hurt from the past. 2016 has been labele...

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An exclusive sneak peak on my latest short film Bradford!

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What a Female Director Looks Like
This is what a female director looks like, though I am just one of many and don't claim to represent the whole. Notice the shirt - it passed the sniff test. Notice my favourite hat from Portland, very modern-day Spielberg, employed to tame the tresses becau...

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The Importance of Stepping Into the Arena
A special thank you to EVERYONE who voted for Codependent Ghost Girl in the latest Storyhive competition. I am so proud of this project, the talent that collected and the result of our efforts. I'm sorry we don't have more episodes coming to you right away,...

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3 Days Till Codependent Ghost Girl!
Codependent Ghost Girl is coming at you like a tornado of thrasher-metal hair. Woah dude. To celebrate, our amazing Marketing Director Derek Heisler  treated us all to some original GIFs to spread all over the net. I know right? It's exciting...  You're get...

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On set with STRIKER. Photos by Jennifer Dacanay The wait is nearly over! The pilot episode of Codependent Ghost Girl will be released on Monday, August 8th!  We’ve been on information lock-down, so I'm thrilled to start sharing info on the show. For you Edm...
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