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Love will lead the way.- Unknown

If you just underwent root canal treatment, you might feel some discomfort or sensitivity in the affected tooth. But it’s not something to worry about. Following a root canal procedure, sensitivity is normal due to the natural inflammation brought about by the procedure. To get rid of this discomfort, get yourself some ibuprofen, naproxen or other over-the-counter painkiller.

As part of her community outreach activities, Dr. Molina is a founding member of the Salvadoran American Leadership and Educational Fund and was a volunteer dentist for Clinica Monsignor Romero, a nonprofit community health center. Dr. Molina has received several awards and acknowledgements for her efforts in helping so many people in several Southern California communities.

To affect the quality of the day is no small achievement.- Unknown

On the subject of root canal therapy, did you know that the tooth’s nerve serves no other purpose than its sensory functions? Accordingly, it detects whether the food or beverage in our mouth is hot or cold. Thus, we can still live without these nerves since they’re not vital to our teeth’s overall health.

Dr. Molina is a Downey, CA-based endodontist who places a lot of importance on community. She gives her time, energy and resources to organizations and causes that extend beyond dental care. She takes part in numerous community health fairs throughout southern California where children are given free dental exams. She encourages kids to do well in school, just as she did.

The time is always right to do what is right. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

When we speak of the root canal, it refers to the cavity in the center of the tooth. Here lies the tooth’s soft and delicate nerve and pulp chamber. Protecting this area is vital for optimum tooth health. When infected, it can form a pus-filled pocket. To save the tooth, root canal treatment may be required.

Dr. Molina’s skills, training, professionalism and compassion are evident in everything we do for our patients at Molina Endodontics. Those qualities are evident in all the patients she has helped with high-quality, personalized endodontic care right here in Downey, CA. To get exceptional, patient-focused endodontic care, call us at (562) 904-1807 to schedule an appointment.

Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action. – Benjamin Disraeli
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