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What is Cyborg...
Check it out: NOTE: The presentation is a VERY old... I'll have to work on it a little when I'll some spare time! Cyborg on Prezi OK... So it has been a while but Cyborg is finally out , it is now crazier than ever... if you are an Android developer you sho...

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Android send broadcast from adb command line with extras to a specific Receiver
Android documentation is super ridicules... Here is what I could compose of multiple stackoverflow answers. adb shell am broadcast -n ${packageName}/${BroadcastClass FQN} --es ${key} "%{value}"

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Extract DB From Your Android App - With Little Agony
So we all know how this goes right... some devices allow you access to your debuggable application's db files via a file browser and some don't. There is now right or wrong way for doing this so my solution will work on ALL devices though requires a little ...

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I've been working on this SDK for a couple of years now, and finally Android build has gotten to a level I can release this SDK for the public.

If you are an Android developer, click on the link and give this SDK a try I believe it would change you perspective about Android development.

Help me make Android a nicer platform for us to develop for!

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Automation Module
Ahhhhhhh... Automation, Every big corporation wet dream... One of the first things I've made sure, is that Cyborg would have automation integration. I've created an Automation Module , which MAY be integrated to Cyborg, and functions as a User Actions Scena...
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