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Smurf The Earth
#StE17 - the biggest ever Resistance Competition!
#StE17 - the biggest ever Resistance Competition!


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Smurf the Earth 2017 GLOBAL SITREP
The biggest RES competition ever, thank you all!


7945 agents from 75 countries took part in a massive global RES competiton held over two weeks
We tracked the competition and awarded medals using the RES only app “TheGrid”
+ 13.9 million resonators were deployed
+ 1.3 million fields created
+ 3.2 Billion mu in total
+ 69,429 missions completed
+ 10.4 million resonators destroyed
Every country had it's champions, events and prizes
One RES agent was crowned The Ultimate Smurf! Well done +Alice Chien! Learn the secrets of her success in our interview, below!!


No anomalies, shards are done, we are bored. Let’s run Smurf the Earth again! Hey why don’t we use TheGrid?

It seemed so straightforward, we would kick start another round of the biggest RES competition ever. But two years later, would people still care about a global event, and want to take part? Could we run a bigger contest than the one in 2015 where an amazing 6000 agents joined in the game? Turns out they were interested, and we could make it bigger. In fact, we didn’t realise just how big this event would be.... But then resistance Agents from 75 countries offered to help coordinate, and excitedly started recruiting and promoting it. We got a website , that website was translated into twenty languages within days, we debated the rules. So many telegrams, hangouts and chats. There was endless global and local swag (just try to collect all those biocards!!). The competiton started and we managed to crash the Grid for several hours on the first day, due to massive popularity. Meet ups, mini competitions, trophies and awards ceremonies followed. A massive decode competition running alongside, with puzzles, games and challenges. People tried TheGrid for the first time, and started earning medals and sharing achievements.

The end result? A massive surge in activity. RES agents old and new got outside, played harder, changed their game style, met up with friends and gave it their all to try to win one of the 40 categories during the two weeks. Fun, beers, cake, swag and Grid badges for all!

A massive thank you to everyone who took part, particularly the hard working country coordinators.

Swag is still available in very limited quantities. International shipping available at the USA store and the European shop

So who won Ultimate Smurf?

Meet @ChienAlice from Taiwan who was our Ultimate Smurf after racking up some unbelievably high stats, and won the top prize of a One Plus 3T!

How long have you been playing Ingress, and why did you start playing?

I downloaded Ingress on June 2nd, 2013 before I went to bed. On the next day, I thought about the game I downloaded on the previous night, so I opened it. I didn't really think about choosing two opposing factions, comparing the two different colors, I prefer blue. From that point on, I was a Resistance agent.
After my tutorial in Ingress, I was found by an agent in comm (PrestonQAQ-the first runner up in the last Smurf contest), and I have been into Ingress ever since. Agent PrestonQAQ didn’t expecting me to be so obsessed!

How did you prepare for the competition?

Knowing that the STE17 was about to begin, I did a lot of preparation. I asked PrestonQAQ to give me advice and suggestions. Then I asked IDS if I should construct portals or destroy resonators within a week. Next, I planned out what my goal was and worked out the effective ways to meet my goal. I planned where I should I go and what goal should I aim for each day.
Team cooperation is really important. I thank all the agents who helped me in my preparation, because it is hard to prepare all by myself. In winning the contest, setting a goal is important, but the most important of all was team cooperation. Lacking resonators, Xmp Bursters or mods, I have to be very clear which team I should find to fill my inventory. Thank you to all the agents who provided inventory for me.

Were you surprised to win this competition?

I was expecting to win this contest. I don't know how to express my feeling, but it's just like flying in the sky. I was really happy. I have been waiting for the results, thinking this is a global contest and it is my pleasure to give it a try.
When the result were announced, I didn't know that I was first place. I received lots of greetings, was thinking I maybe 2nd runner up or 3rd. At that moment, I was having roast chicken with my teammates. I was very nervous about the result.
When I knew I was the winner, I was really happy and all my teammates celebrated together. It was every one's effort! They were very proud. Without my teammates' help and support, I wouldn't be able to make it.

Tell us about your adventures during the two weeks

Before the competition started, I wanted the title to remain in San-Chong and Luo-Chou district, New Taipei City, Taiwan. I wanted to inherit this winning title. First, I set a goal which was to aim for higher AP points, it was a mission impossible.
I asked my teammates if they were willing to help me meet my goal. They started to hack lots of resonators and portal keys for me to help me reach the goal of a ten thousand links per week. Agents helped me built up 8 Level farms, hacked lots of inventories and found ways to help me. They also helped me find control fields to destroy.

To reach my goal, I rode on Ubike and traveled around. (Ubike is commuters an alternative option to commute between locations. Reference:
During the week, I got a sun tan and spent a lot of money on Ubike. It seemed I was going to be poor and having bread for my meals.

What advice would you give to people who want to win next time?

From my experience :

1 set a goal and keep records of AP points: Every record of AP points are different, so I have to found find out when the previous first runner up's AP points was and then set my own goal. After I set my target, I started to keep records of each AP points I will earn each day and adjusted my AP.
2. Team co-operation: During this competition, my teammates provided lots of suggestions and information. For my inventories, they really helped me a lot. My teammates also helped me contact other agents from other areas, which helped me got helped from many agents in different places.
3. Plan your routes: Don't just move only in your area. Go out and see other places in your country. I went to places like Nei-Hu, Tao-Yuan, Lin-ko. Run for your Ingress.
4. A little of good luck: An area in Taipei City called Nei-Hu, this place had more Enlightened more than Resistance. It was kind of suffering because I wasted a lot of time there. But the result was pretty good because I earned lot of AP points fron destroying resonators and control fields. On the same day, I also went to Tao-Yuan ( a city near Taipei City, about 45 minutes of driving) and found out that it was pouring with rain in Taipei Cit. Thank God, I wasn't in the heavy rain.

If I had to win this competition, first, I found agents who are really into Ingress and kept calm and believed in myself. Never give up and kept on going because you will never know what's the result is. Just do it!

Taiwan had a lot of agents who were ranked highly. Why do you think Taiwanese agents were so successful in Smurf the Earth?

Taiwanese agents are really crazy about Ingress. I could say that Taiwanese agents are obsessive in playing Ingress.

Are you looking forward to getting your prize?

I am very pleased with the prize because I have been using my mobile phone for a while and I was planning to get a new one. Having an android mobile phone, I am very proud because I can link control fields and link portals faster than Apple phones. I am looking forward receiving my prize. Thank you so much!

At last, I want to give a big thank to my crazy teammates.

With no regrets and taking me everywhere at anytime : @iamgodfather
International Sea Driver Group POC: @deacoke
Inventories Supporters:
Men behind the scenes helpers:

Thanks to @Frankie54966 for the translation!

Thank you for reading! #StE17 from the orga team +Don Darkness for the insane ammount of hard work he put in +Christian Vandendorpe +Cade Roux +Gene C swag kings +Herwig Koeck motivation to spare +Christine Jeffery awake when we aren't +Kendra Brezel heart of the contest +Samantha Graham kind of american? +Georg Schneider general legend +Christian Bolstad stat AI +Shisca Russell decode cuzzibro

#Ingress #Resistance #StE17 +Andrew Krug +Hilda Leung +Anne Beuttenmüller +Haerang Dong +Masashi Kawashima +Kento Suga +John Hanke +Resistance Global News Network #RGNN
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And the winners are…

7945 agents from 75 countries took part in the biggest Resistance-Contest ever and today we can proudly announce the winners. There have been 40 categories where Smurfs worldwide had to prove their skills with their Ingress-Scanner and all of you did an incredible job.

Today we announce “The Ultimate Smurf”, the Top-10 of each category and the Continental-Specialists. Top-3 of each category will get their medals for The Grid on Sunday, for “The Ultimate Smurf” and Continental-Specialists only the top ranked agent will receive a medal.

Your national results will be passed to your Country Coordinators this weekend and they will be announced directly in your community or at special announcement events where available. More statistics will come within the following days and weeks. <3

We would like to say “thank you” to all participants, all Country Coordinators and the team of TheGrid. You rock! Keep on resisting!

SmurfTheEarth 2017 is over!


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Global swag now available!

What's the best part of the being a member of the Resistance? The swag!

As you await the results of #StE17 this weekend, you can help support the competition by buying some awesome swag! We've enlisted the top producers in the Resistance to create collectibles appropriate to the biggest Resistance event we've ever had!

USA store at

European shop at global shipping available at both.

Please share this message!!
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We're nearly ready for round two of smurf the earth!
Don't forget everyone, it's not too late to get yourself involved, check out for more details!
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All we asked for was the biggest Resistance only event ever, and you lot made it happen!

With 6.176 agents around the world taking part and travelling a combined (and insane!) 181.433 km (that's 112.740 miles!). We said you'd be competing for the title of number one smurf in your own way, with categories to cover every style of play so you went out and did everything you could think of, clearing out over 5 million enlightened resonators and replacing them with 8 million of your own.

Oh why read when you can look at pretty pictures. We just want to say thank you to every one who's taken part so far! And to remind you and everyone who hasn't yet become involved that there is still week 2 of smurf the earth to go, and as it's your best stats from each week that count it's not too late to get involved. Check out for more information on how you can take part!

+Niantic Inc.
+Andrew Krug+Anne Beuttenmüller
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Week one is done!

So week one of Smurf the Earth 2017 has ended with nearly 6000 unique visitors updating their stats yesterday, you guys are awesome! The monkeys are hard at work sifting through these updates and we should get a peek at some of the stats soon!

But it's not finished yet, it's your best stats from week 1 or week 2 that count so if you missed out then there's still time to take part! NEW PLAYERS FOR WEEK TWO WELCOME

Remember everyone you have this week off to relax and prepare for the second round of smurf the earth and what better way to relax than by turning the world blue? #SmurfTheEarth2017 #StE17
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Smurf the Earth 2017 Week 1 Begins!

Agents! The clock has started! Are you ready for the challenge that is Smurf the Earth? Upload your stats to the grid before you start playing. Please be aware, right now the servers are on overdrive trying to keep up!

If you still haven't joined and would like to take part in a massive global event with cool prizes, it's not too late! Join us on The Grid at and once approved, join the StE17 comp. Get excited and enjoy building a blue world. Share your adventures with the #StE17 hashtag or tag this profile and we will reshare.

Who will be the Ultimate Smurf?
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Three days to go! Here is just one of our awesome prizes!

Join thousands of agents in the biggest global Resistance competition ever, and you might win an awesome prize! for more details!
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