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Constipation WAS my Best Friend - Review on Fibrena
Today topic is rather unusual because we are going to talk about shit. yes SHIT. How often do you shit in a week? daily? once? or none? We often heard that " A great day starts with a great bowel activity" . Often with our busy schedules, i believe many of ...

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Eumora Moor Bar - Review
Hellooo peeps! Recently, i have added a Moor Bar called Eumora into my daily facial regime as it  Clarify, Tones and Moisturize  my face and i'm here to share with you why! eggcited much :D P.S. I didn't wear any make up so I hope i didn't scare you off wit...

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Ciel Patisserie - must-visit cafe
If you are looking for a sweet treat, you MUST visit Ciel Patisserie. I chanced upon this cafe when i was looking for a cafe to chill and do some work near my house. Ciel Patisserie is one of the cafes which you would love to come back again. Why? 1) Wide s...

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Hatter Street Cafe at Kovan
Been eons since i did a post. I have just change a new job, something totally different from what i did previously. A lot to learn and digest. Thus, i have been doing OT but hope it gets better soon :) Okay, shall not digress and head straight to review my ...

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Review on Fresh - Soy Face Cleanser
It is rare that i can blog on a weekday morning! All because i'm clearing my leave after my resignation. YES, i have decided to leave MPA and venture into private sector again. I'm still quite young and stability isn't that importance at the moment as compa...

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Review on Drx Clinic
I'm back to blog about DRX Clinic and its medicine and cream to cure your face from scars, acne, blemish etc. If you have notice, my complexion is very bad without make up. Yes, very bad. I suffered from monthly outbreaks, clogged pores, dark eyes circles a...

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Bali Kuta Trip
My boyfriend and i love the sea and beach. That's why we decided to go Bali to escape from the city life and it is a last minute decision (book 2 weeks prior to departure day). Flight(tiger air) and accommodation cost around $900 for 2 pax. consider quite c...

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Quarter life crisis
Hello dust/air I have abandon here for a long time cos im busy and lazy. Things have been happening and im pretty troubled and stuck in between. Sometime i felt like im suffocated and i just wished i could disappear or die. I doesnt like my job. Have been b...

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I have finished my box of 30 densifique and i'm still v happy with it. I love how it make my hair fuller. not sure abt new growth but my boyfriend say it seems to be working when i asked if i should purchase another box. Yup, so im going to place my order t...

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Great eastern woman run
This year, i took part in the Great Eastern Woman 10km Run for free! My sister is a agent and her colleague couldn't make it so my sis manage to persuade her to give me the singlet so that i can run with her (actually my condition to my sister is that no si...
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