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Samuel Amaechi
I Help Businesses Achieve Effective Content Marketing
I Help Businesses Achieve Effective Content Marketing

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Hello Friends, I'm Samuel Amaechi by name.
I run a small internet marketing agency, specializing on organic search traffic and conversion

What a great Checklist!
The Google+ Checklist

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Offer Great Things To Attract people
One Reason Google Authorship Failed: Low Adoption by Sites and Writers

+Eric Enge has just published the fuller version of his study for +Stone Temple Consulting showing data that confirms that on major publishing sites, adoption and/or correct implementation of Google Authorship by both the sites and their writers was low.

Eric first revealed some preliminary data from this study in our co-written article for +Search Engine Land that broke the news to the world about the end of Google's Authorship program (see

Now read the full study at

#googleauthorship   #authorship   #authorrank   #plusonly  

Samuel Amaechi
Hello Everyone!
Samuel Amaechi is  from A Great Country called Nigeria.I just got  my own small business on Google+ I like to use this medium to appreciate all of you

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More Update on Technology

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Technology News Update

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Latest Info About Productivity Hacks

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CEO's!  Do You Hire People For Their Experience, Or Biased?

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What are your favorite company sites doing about encryption?
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