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PILLNITZ CASTLE, a tiny bit.
Dresden, Germany.

I just thought the photos came out well on my Nexus 4, which isn't one of the best phone cameras. Of course, with editing. :-)
There's a lot more about this place. This was the summer palace of the Saxon kings. This is the Riverside Castle, there are three castles, a Chinese garden and pavilions around. The Elbe river flows next to it.

May 2015.
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Thank you, +Mike G​! :-)
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Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany


I got a little tired of castles and fortresses in the end, hahaha! But not this castle. I've always wanted to go see it, and it was SO cool when I finally did! I consider one of my bucket list things done, not sure if I have a set one though, heh!
The 'New Swan Stone' castle, literally translated, was a part of my Munich trip. It's actually way out of Munich and in a secluded place. You'll only see tourists there, hehe!

Location: Hohenschwangau village, Schwangau municipality, Ostallgäu district, Bavaria, Germany.
May 2015
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thanks for the follow!
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Another photo from Munich. It was the first city I went to after settling down in Dresden. And it was also one of the best trip I did. Good sights, good food, and good company goes a long way. :-)

Location: Fischbrunnen (Fish Fountain) and the Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) in the background, Marienplatz, Munich.
April to May 2015.
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Over the next days, I'll try to upload some photos from my stay and travel in Europe this summer, and, if possible, write a few, maybe even random, things about there. I'll try to upload at least one photo from the cities I went to and maintain the travel order.

So, to start with, it's Dresden, the city I lived in for more than four months. I miss the city. It's nice and beautiful city. I made friends and had a good time while there.
As a foreigner, it's normal that more of my friends were also foreigners. I had some German friends too, but I found it odd that most of them were non-Dresdeners. The stereotype goes that Germans are cold and unfriendly. Well, umm, I'd say there is at least a grain of truth in it, but so, I guess, are all other stereotypes. If you ask me (and I have been asked) I'd reply 'Germans make very good friends but very bad acquaintances', hehe! I've had good German friends for the last six years or so and I would count them among the best.
However, I did find people in Dresden somewhat cold. Also, the fact that people there have been a little on the offensive side with the current refugee crisis (look up 'pegida' on the internet if you're not sure) made the atmosphere a little menacing as a foreigner.
Anyway, it went all right for me and I'm glad I got the chance to live there and travel around. I did feel very sad to leave it in the end and I still look back and remember the good times I had there. :-)

Location: Brühl's Terrace, by the Elbe river.
April to August, 2015.
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$110 more for both Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P in India!!
The price of Nexus 5X is much better than last year's Nexus 6, but the inflated price demotivates me to buy them... Sigh!

#Nexus5X #Nexus6P
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Nexus 4 another year for me then.
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$110 more for both Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P in India!!
The price of Nexus 5X is much better than last year's Nexus 6, but the inflated price demotivates me to buy them... Sigh!

#Nexus5X #Nexus6P
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STILL on the waiting list at google play store
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Savio Domenick (Mególhuto) changed his profile photo.

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Broke my heart in Germany...
...profile photo in remembrance. I'm breathing fine... lml
–at Olympic Tower Munich.
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Thank you as well, +richard brooke​! :-)
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Have him in circles
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So I was travelling in Oslo in August and looking for WiFI hotspots around... Guess what I saw...
┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐

#DoctorWho   #BellsOfStJohn  
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If you look at this photo and say, 'Oh, that looks very German!', then you probably aren't German...and you could be frowned upon by non-Bavarians. Hahaha! (Munich is the capital city of Bavaria)
Germans are like Indians in a way that each region has a death wish for the other regions, LOL! The rest of Germany gets cribbed about the fact that to the outside world Germany is all about Lederhosen (literally, 'leather trousers') and other Bavarian things. By European standards Germany is a big country, and Bavaria is, well, just one of the states there. However it is unique there, and the culture stands out, and it is very probable that to an outsider, even if there are lots of things to say about Germany, the one thing you won't forget to mention is about here...and hence the generalisation, I'd say.

If you ask me, the best Germans I've met this time were mostly from the north (technically the north-west, but they call it north; north of erstwhile West Germany)(Bavaria is south, hehe!). But if you have only one place you can go to in Germany, go to Bavaria. ;-)

Location: Theresienwiese, the official location for Munich Oktoberfest.
April to May 2015
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+sunil bhoi​​ Yep, the spring festival. :-)
+Paul Komarnicki​​ Nothing against Bavarians. I stayed over with my wonderful Bavarian friend while in Munich. I just personally met more number of nice northerners, none of whom said anything against Bavarians (except maybe comments on their accents).
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Not in Germany any more... Buy YAY! Hehe! :-)
Now available in English (Beta at the moment).
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Testen sie Prime. My kind of German.
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$110 more for both Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P in India!!
The price of Nexus 5X is much better than last year's Nexus 6, but the inflated price demotivates me to buy them... Sigh!

#Nexus5X #Nexus6P
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+Manish Sharma only for nexus 6p it's true..for one plus 2 which costs 390$ which comes out be 31k..but one plus 2 is 26k in India.
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Peanutised Me! :D
Thanks to +Denis Bach​ for the link. ;-)
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