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So I'm back to my hometown, this time bag and baggage.
And here's the mandatory panorama of the scenery, hehe! This time taken at sunset, to the right. while it is raining east side.

Taken from the OnePlus X with the panorama mode on the Google camera app.

Kohima, Nagaland
September 2016
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Beautiful scenery!
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Google Allo available for download now (at least here in India).
Actually wondering if I want another chatting app.
Also, I've been thinking it's not really a catchy name. Like some of those English varieties without the 'h' sounds. Heh!
Probably not downloading for now...haha!
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+Savio Domenick​​​​
I'm not sure either.. do I need it (we already use Hangouts).. but I like it.
Somehow now I use Hangouts for collaboration (with the (G+) world).. and Allo "locally" (because it's bounded with the phone number).
And I like to chat with the Google Assistant ☺
Ok, I already use the Google Now.. and this is another doubled service.. but as I understand, it's not the same exactly (it's an AI). Etc.
All in all.. I have it both (and a Duo, as third).. so maybe I can have more conversation with the (local) people that I have not in my Hangouts contacts.. etc.
At the end, it's a light weight, so - I don't see it as a "too much"..
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From the OnePlus X phone camera

A part of my Kerala trip photos, I took this with my phone camera. I particularly like this shot. This was taken inside the houseboat when it was in motion. While my phone camera is not the best, it's certainly good, and I am quite happy with it. The last time I had a good phone camera was ages ago with my Nokia N73. Both the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro and the Nexus 4, in particular, had disappointing cameras, hehe!

August 2016
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Yeah, the Nexus4 camera was dissapointing!
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It's been exactly a year that I came back from Europe last year. I'm never going to get over it, am I? Hehe! :)
Well, here's a photo that Google stitched together to make a nice panorama. This is the river Moselle. On this side is Luxembourg and it's Germany on the other side of the river.
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+Savio Domenick
I know. We take the pictures.. and Google do it the rest and surprises us. But never me 😁
At the end, I delete other, and leave the best one.. no panorama for me, haha.
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Savio Domenick (Mególhuto) changed his profile photo.

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Changing this after more than half a year... :-)
Just chilling with the dog... :D
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Thanks, +David Reid​! :-)
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I got pushed to the background! LOL!
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Well...erm... #Allo  
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Ian H
Yeah, Google's intrusiveness is starting to concern me. I feel it's important to mention that they probably need your data to provide essential, detailed services, but it's all starting to feel a little... eh.

I'll need to look into what this does. Snowden is a personal hero.
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Fort Kochi, Kerala

Kochi or Cochin has been influenced by various cultures over the years, being a port in the Arabian Sea. It was also the first place in India where a European settlement was established, by the Portuguese. Vasco da Gama was 'initially' buried near where this photograph is taken.
There are Jew settlements as well, but I am told that only 13 of them remain there while the rest have 'gone back'.
There's a Dutch palace and a Dutch cemetery here as well, all in this small area.
This is also one of the very few places in India where I have seen cobbled streets, a sign of the Brit past, including many colonial era buildings.
Apparently there were trades with the Arabs and the Chinese as well and seen in this photo is a Chinese fishing contraption, although said to be first introduced by the Portuguese.

August 2016
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+Dominik Eisenhardt​ I've met many Germans who like Kerala. You should go too one day. :)
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Was in Kerala over the weekend, went houseboating, had great food! :D
August 2016
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Thank you! :D
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Throwback Thursday
One year and one week ago... I was in Stockholm with +Roger Stegeby checking out comics in a geeky store and playing with his phone, hehe!
Marvellous times! :-)
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Awesome photo!
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I love my new wallpaper...especially on the AMOLED screen. :)
Time by Gediminas Pranckevicius.
Via Owl City's album Midsummer Station.
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+Srđan Stevanović Yeah, it's a bit surrealistic, I guess.
Thanks! :)
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Rainbow! 🌈 🌈 🌈

Sent by my brother from home. :)
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Thanks, +Mario Falcetti​! :)
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