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This week...
Went to my ancestral village of Khonoma. Took a pic and thought it looked good, hehe!

May, 2016.
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Nothing for people with vertigo :-)) but nice picture Savio.

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Still on the heat here. It's still quite hot but much better these days with the afternoon rains. But the hot season is long from over yet. Unless it continues raining, hotter days are yet to come.
Around a dozen or even a score of stray dogs live in my uni campus. I actually find some of them more well mannered than pets. Here's one of the campus dogs beating the heat in a dug up trench where water had collected from a supply leak.
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Melting...or roasting! Arghhh!!
(That's 113°F for people in the Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands, Palau and the United States and associated territories. Hehe!)
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I do not follow the news, but I heard yesterday in the store when I was, that it was snowing in the mountains. Yesterday in my town was quite cold (10ºC). A few days ago the temperature was 30ºC.
Ice and fire these days..
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Excuse me, hehe... But this really makes me laugh given the annoying 'My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive' every week!

The TV show Flash has really made one of my favourite DC characters less appealing to me. I'm not quite sure why, and I do know that amongst the current DC shows (and movies) it is perhaps a better one of them and still comes up with good epis (compare with Arrow for instance, LOL!). I blame the actors sometimes, and sometimes the writers. I feel like they've made it quite kiddish.
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Yes a lot of programmes have the same introduction every episode.
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This is Pepper. A close friend of mine in Hyderabad passed away last year when I was in Germany. Now my other friend takes care of his two dogs. I go and see them time to time and sometimes take the dogs out for walks. One is a rottweiler and the other a boxer. Pepper, the rottweiler here, can be scary at times, hehe!
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ah cute dog but a sad story.
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Have him in circles
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Back home again... Been here for a week. I didn't have a break at the uni but it was too hot I applied for a leave, hehe! So it's work from home now, but at least I have a very good temperature here. It's cloudy and I like that there. I am more of a pluviophile, so I like it when it rains too. :-)

I went to the roof and took this photo with the panorama mode of Google Camera. :-)
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+Srđan Stevanović​​ Actually, yes, sometimes, well technically speaking, hehe!
When we go higher up the mountains just a bit more, the clouds get below one's level and you see a vast plain of clouds with mountains and hilltops jutting out of that white sea. :-)
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Exactly one year ago I discovered my favourite German food:
Schweinshaxe :D
Roasted ham hock, apparently very southern German, and I had it first there, in Munich. And this is the photo of that moment, hehe! :-)

Thanks to +Melanie Fröhlich and +Mr. Bach! :D
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Thank you, +Jack Ross! :-) 
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Random photo...from the OnePlus X.

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Sharp ☺🌟📷
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#ScreenshotSpam  Hehe!
OnePlus X
One Ring to Rule them All!
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+Savio Domenick​​
I also used the Apex, on ICS. It was among the first good launchers in time when the launchers began to appear massively.
Today, I'm glad to see that someone don't use the Nova launcher.
I don't feel well when I see Samsung or Nova, just because many others use them 😀
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Chicken heart and liver, and pork fat, with rice and lentils.
Not your typical food...but mine, haha! Food from home. I haven't had such food for a while now. This was in winter, during our festivities.
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Looks delicious 😊👍
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I do some travelling as well, whenever I can.
And, yes, Doctor Who. :)

I have a few videos of mine singing in YouTube here:
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