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Linux it's not just a job it's an adventure
Linux it's not just a job it's an adventure

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So I went to work today in downtown Cleveland. That would be the home of the NBA Champion Cavaliers, in case you missed that little event. Today was the first parade for a championship team ever. You see the last winners, the Browns in 1964, didn't get a parade. So an estimated 1.3 million people jammed into downtown and by most accounts stayed civil and friendly through the whole day. We obviously don't know how to do these kind of things. There were no barriers on most of the parade route to keep people safely away from the parade. Everyone kept closing off the route. So a 1-2 hours parade took closer to 3.5 hours. The whole thing was supposed to be done by 2:30PM ish. I was listening to the speeches on my drive home at 4:30PM. That all ended @5:30PM so only 3 hours late.

It was really fun watching everyone walking across the major bridges coming into downtown from my desk. They filled every inch of the parade route. They were shoulder to shoulder, in the trees, and on the various poles around the route. No one got trampled. Amazingly no one fell off the building and parking garages. No vehicles were damaged.(Well there might be a little damage from certain NBA players dancing on their roofs.) A few people did forget to eat and drink plenty of WATER. But hey that happens.

Proud of Cleveland for staying cool and enjoying this celebration without anything majorly stupid happening.

Let's hope Akron can do the same tomorrow night.

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News feed automation fail....
So I went to my trusty feedky app this morning and would up reading an article about aus rugby. Which would been fine if I didn't expect a docker app story.... 

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I really want them to take my money for this already....
PINE64 - World's Most Affordable 64-Bit Single Board Computer

The PINE64 – a 64-bit quad-core single-board computer – was unveiled recently, and will go on sale for $15.

The PINE64 can run Linux, 64-bit Android 5.1.1, and other software, and has 4K HDMI output capabilities.

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Hope this is as cool as it sounds

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Adam savage just rocks.... 

Prediction: in 12 months no one will remember that VW tried to pull one over on the EPA.  There will be lawsuits but VW will settle them without a trial and this will all go away.  Of the car defects in recent years this one is a non-starter on the PR Problem scale.  By that I mean no one died from poor gas mileage and worse emissions that can be fixed with a simple software update.

I haven't used an IOS device since my second gen Ipod.  When I took my new job at Sherwin-Williams they gave me an IPhone.  Honestly besides the camera and fingerprint reader what is the draw?  What is there to Fanboy over?  The keyboard sucks and doesn't let you swipe words making typing an annoying pain.  You can't hide any app.  There is no way to sort apps by anything reasonable like date installed or name.  There is no back button or home button.  Well ok there is a broken home button that just takes you back to the last screen of icons you were on if you are in a folder.  There are at least three places you have to go to mute the damn phone.  DND is broken and buried in the settings app.

I can really keep going for a while.  So really Apple Fan Boys what am I really missing on my Moto X running Lollipop?

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WOW didn't think anyone still used this.... Some things just never die...

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This is awesome...

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This podcast is so gamey....
I posted a new podcast last night and talked extensively about the new expansion for Machi Koro called Millionaire's Row. I went over the cards that are in the this new set and gave my opinions on what I thought so far after several plays. I also talked about several other games that I have been playing.
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