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lol dog! 
All of these images were computer generated!

For the last few weeks, Googlers have been obsessed with a internal visualization tool that Alexander Mordvintsev in our Zurich office created to help us visually understand some of the things happening inside our deep neural networks for computer vision.  The tool essentially starts with an image, runs the model forwards and backwards, and then makes adjustments to the starting image in weird and magnificent ways.  

In the same way that when you are staring at clouds, and you can convince yourself that some part of the cloud looks like a head, maybe with some ears, and then your mind starts to reinforce that opinion, by seeing even more parts that fit that story ("wow, now I even see arms and a leg!"), the optimization process works in a similar manner, reinforcing what it thinks it is seeing.  Since the model is very deep, we can tap into it at various levels and get all kinds of remarkable effects.

Alexander, +Christopher Olah, and Mike Tyka wrote up a very nice blog post describing how this works:

There's also a bigger album of more of these pictures linked from the blog post:

I just picked a few of my favorites here.
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g+ dying saga and saviour theories continues
The demise of Google+ is a cautionary tale of rivalry, missed opportunity, and of course, drunk geeks waltzing. (...I’ll explain.) As an active user of Google+ and casual clairvoyant of Google’s strategy, it’s no surprise that you’re almost as likely to be bodyboarding with Gisele Bündchen as reading this sentence on Google+. While Google+ loyalists hunt for [...]
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awesome job! :) I don't understand what you start doing at the 4:06, you're hitting the ride with the right hand and the hit-hat closed with the left one?
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Awful atitude from the owner/manager of this place. I was there with my friends, everyone was drinking while watching a world cup match and he was very rude on pushing people into buying more drinks. I do understand that they're there to make business and serve people but there was no need to be rude and arrogant as everybody was consuming normally and accordingly to the game and the drink rate of everyone. The bad atitude only lead us onto not buying anything else until the game was finished. Near to the end of the game the owner was also very rude with a man who sat watching the television using a chair from the business next door, unknowingly it seemed, and as he probably wasn't his target costumer he grabbed the man by the arm, lifted him up his chair and placed the chair away from the television leaving the man really confused with what had just happened. They can have the best drinks and cuisine in the world that still I would not recommend this place to anyone else.
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