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so, i went to a japanese restaurant yesterday for lunch. i ordered two rolls. one of them was the dragon roll. this is what it looked like. personally, i think it more closely resembles a caterpillar, but it was pretty damn cute, nonetheless.

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The latest installment of my new blog.

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My new blog, to keep everyone informed on what fun things I'm doing now.

february 12, a sunday, at noon, in ikego, at the bubble gym. you should be there. it's our next roller derby bout, and you are extra lame if you miss it.

making an awesome dinner for my family before watching the season ender of doctor who. it's going to be a good night.

and i just finished cleaning the guest bathroom at my families place. you should not be dirtier for having bathed. and that is exactly how i felt walking into that bathroom.

and i'm at home on whidbey. this house SERIOUSLY stresses me out. i'm concerned about the crew from Hoarders showing up unannounced.

+Julie Downing is amazing, and we need to schedule a time to go to kamakura. moustaches are ready. club fuckery 4 lyfe, bitches!

tomorrow i leave for the states. woot! 12 hour plane trip! yeah!
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