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Small daring paintings: Emilio Ruiz del Rio.
He just needed
one stick to hold the sheet of cut out aluminum, and he was ready to paint .
Then , something to cover the support stick  like a rock, 
a bush, a pole or just another aluminum portion and make it invisible
painting the  background  landscape....

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The North Star (1943)
That Lewis
Mileston Drama War film  have many  wonderful  miniatures and matte paintings shots, as many
of the Sam Goldwyn films, with Clarence Slifer and Ray Binger credited for the Photographic
In praise of the impressive visual and artistic im...

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Jumping the Chasm
    There are
many iconic subjects that depict the art of matte paintings.  Probably a castle or fortress on the top of a
hill could be the most popular. Apart from other all time matte subjects, the jumping
of a huge spectacular chasm has been without a do...

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Don Q Son of Zorro (1925)
Director: Donald Crisp Cinematography: 
Henry Sharp Master of properties: Harold MacChesney Lighting effects: William S. Johnson Technical effects: Ned Mann Matte painting: Conrad Tritschler (uncredited) Ned Mann was 
an all around FX supervisor but mostly ...

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Howard Anderson Company: Darrell Anderson matte painter
It exist such small information about VFX and
matte artist Darrell A. Anderson that trying to get sign of his works it is
almost a guess game.  And mostly this is
what I’m doing here, guessing. Those are the facts I know about Darrel A.
Anderson.      Born ...

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Mattes and miniatures on Spanish cinema during the 30´S and 40´S
After several months without posting anything, I
get back on track again on my little Blog. During the lat months I’ve been busy
with the publishing of my book dedicated to Special effects on Spanish Cinema. For
this reason I have decided to dedicate this a...

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Mattes go West
There here are many western
films with matte paintings.  Some of them
have plenty of matte artistry like Gone with the wind, but that big amount of
paintings on a western film is not usual. Most frequently you can find one or
two mattes per film. I have cho...

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Peter the Great (1986) Cliff Culley
Peter the Great is a TV mini series
produced by NBC, filmed in Russia and Austria, with and international cast and
crew made up by professional like Italian director of photography Vittosio
Storaro,  British and Russian art directors, John Blezard and Alexa...

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Painting the light.
Painting the light is possibly a paradox, since
we do not see the light, but what it illuminates. When we see rays of light, it
is the dust in the air what we really see illuminated. These rays of light have
been a recurring theme in the history of universa...

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Mysterious islands at Japanese fantasy and monsters movies.
  Since the first appearance of Godzilla at 1954, part of the Japanese
film industry was focused on the production of fantasy films featuring giant
monsters. Many of these films were located in mysterious islands where all kind
of weird creatures lived. Alt...
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