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Is This Mutton?

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Embroidered denim, double denim
Many in the blogosphere are dreaming of spring and hoping for a fast arrival (this week as it happens, with the UK to get "double digit" temperatures). I loathe winter until the New Year starts, and then I feel nostalgic for its demise. The blue sky days wh...

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Cutting through the complexity of colour analysis
If you had your colors* "done" a few years ago, you probably spent an hour being draped in scarves before being pronounced a Spring, or other season, and given a swatch of colors that realistically you were unlikely to find in the shops. I had my colors ana...

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Style Imitating Art: Georgia O'Keefe "Pond in the Woods"
The SIA Challenge is a fun opportunity to match an outfit to a famous painting, open to anyone. This time it's based on US artist Georgia O'Keefe's "Pond in the Woods" and curated by Erin from Loop Looks. Here's the painting, from 1922: My outfit has the gr...

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Eye cream and night cream: worth the cost?
I used to have creams and lotions for literally every area of my face and body, but about a year ago I began to doubt whether all these dedicated products are worth it. I started multi-tasking with a few key products. I used my facial moisturizer in the eye...

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It's lace - but not as we know it
  I was taken by the rigid lace edging of this Ted Baker top. As I've said before, I don't really do lace. But one of the things I'm trying to do this year is break out of comfort zones and try new things.  The top surprised me by being navy blue. For some ...

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Lose 10 years with 5 simple make-up tricks
You can do wonderful things with make-up. Here are five simple tricks I use to turn back time. . Primed for action When you get older, it's not enough to use only moisturizer as your make-up base. You'll get far better results with various types of primer. ...

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Chanelling lace designer Isabella Catanea Parasole
This month's SIA Challenge - Style Imitating Art - over at Jen's blog, Librarian for Life and Style, threw down the gauntlet to step out of my comfort zone and wear something a bit different. We're asked to channel the Italian lace designer and wood carver,...

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Is it possible to look stylish when hiking?
The rainbow was a bonus on a day when the weather was mostly grim  What? I hear you cry. Stylish when hiking? Surely an oxymoron! Well, dear reader, before we started our trips to the Lake District back in 2012, I had no idea I would soon be avidly scouring...

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Wearing neon brights to add some colour to winter
 This is a seriously bright jumper - an acid or neon green (my husband would call it yellow). I added a touch more green with the velvet shoes and necklace. And ignored the rule about "red and green should never be seen" by adding red lippy. Jumper: Sainsbu...

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When your hands are 20 years older than your face
I'm in good company with this one: both Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker suffer from the same affliction. There are four reasons why our hands can age faster than the rest of our face - and it's not just failure to apply hand cream: Exposure to sunlight and...
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