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What you need to know:
Different business have different buying processes.
How much money does it REALLY take to buy the business and operate it?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning the business?
Why do the sellers really want to sell?
How do the sellers maintain their books? Are there hidden costs and hidden cash? The price will depend on what the books show, not what the seller says.
How much is the attorney and the accountant going to be involved? Who is going to be involved in the decision making process?
Are there extra licenses and training involved in operating the business?
What is your urgency you as the buyer have to buy?
How long has the business been in business?
How long has the present owner owned the business?
A Beacon Business Broker will help you answer all these questions and more. A Beacon Business Broker can help you buy a business in the shortest amount of reasonable time, for the right amount of money with the least amount of stress as is possible.

The No Surprises Way of Getting Ready to Sell
Okay, so now you have decided to sell. Here are some guidelines for you to get ready to list with us. We need to know everything about your business so we can eliminate any surprises, no matter how small that might inadvertently kill your deal.
Do You Have Effective Financial Records?
You need to be prepared to share all your documents and relevant business information with us. Don’t worry. We will keep it confidential but we need to help you recast them for the sale.
Are You Open To Competitive Pricing?
The price needs to be not too high but not too low. We will help you come arrive at the price the market will bear but that will maximize your returns.
Are You Open to Leverage?
Most businesses are sold with seller financing. You need to at least consider seller financing. Seller financing has some tax advantages and shows you are willing to stand behind the sale.
Do You Have a Complete and Accurate Inventory?
You will need a complete list of all assets. Furniture, vehicles, fixtures and equipment should be in working order and acceptable to a buyer.
Can You Pre-Arrange your Lease?
The new buyer is going to want a good lease. This needs to be handled in advance so the transaction can go smoothly.
Are You Willing To Sign a Non-Compete?
Most Buyers are worried that you might open up the same type of business and become their competition. You need to consider signing a non-compete agreement to help them feel confident in their new business.
Are You Willing To Train the New Owner and How Much?
The seller customarily is prepared to train the new owner and new staff. You need to be willing to do so. How much is a matter of negotiation and we can help you with that.
Are You Ready to Invest Time Into Your Curb Appeal?
Now that you have decided to sell it is really important that you keep working the business, keeping the site clean, organized and neat. The place needs to be kept up and repairs made before it is shown to maximize the perceived value.
Are You Willing To Be Responsive to Show the Business And To Respond to Offers Quickly?
In business sales time really is of the essence. You need to be willing and able to make your business available for showings and to be able to respond quickly to any and all offers. Remember, e
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