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Sheri Hall
Graphic designer, photographer, creative problem solver & adoring fangirl of typography, the small details, the big picture, the unexpected ... & kitties!
Graphic designer, photographer, creative problem solver & adoring fangirl of typography, the small details, the big picture, the unexpected ... & kitties!

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Thinking about using some Open Stage photo for this ...

The original post vanished from my stream....WEIRD! So here we go with take two. If if didin't get to your questions or adding you to my circle in the initial post then please ask on this post and I will respond asap. Thank you!!!

The premier photo show in the industry – TWiT Photo – is looking to showcase the hottest emerging photographer. With TWiT network’s worldwide viewership exceeding 5 million monthly downloads, this contest will provide explosive exposure to our selected guest. You will have the rare opportunity to get your work in front of a prestigious judging panel made up of our past TWiT Photo guests, including +Art Wolfe +Zack Arias +Colby Brown +Tamara Lackey and +Frank Doorhof . Simply submit a portfolio of images based on a cohesive body of work that is a strong representation of your visual style.

1) Prepare a cover photo showing the title of your portfolio entry and your name (see example in album –
2) Prepare 15-20 (15 minimum / 20 maximum) images and upload them according to the instructions on “How to Submit”
3) Write a one to two-sentence caption for each individual image.

Review Contest Rules and Guidelines ( – By entering contest you agree to the contest rules, terms and conditions

1) Subscribe to TWiT Photo on iTunes. []
2) Add +Catherine Hall and +Leo Laporte to your Google+ circle.
3) Share this original post
4) Comment on this original post on Google+ and wait for notification in the comment section that you have been added to my circle.
5) After I add you to our “TWiT Photo Guest Quest’ circle, go to
6) Click “Add photos”.
7) Filename: Your g+ name_Image number (01 - 15/20). For example: Catherine Hall_01.jpg. This will ensure all your images are grouped together and in the right order.
8) Caption: Add your Google+ name and image number (01 - 15/20) before your description. See example:
+Catherine Hall - Image #01 - Citizens of Black Rock: Conor, Age 1.5 -

If you wish to double check your entries, modify your captions, etc - then please go to the Picasso page - Thanks!!!

Deadline for submission : Nov. 22, 2011, at 11.59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (GMT – 7.00) (no exceptions)
Winner announcement : December 2011, on TWiT Photo and Catherine Hall Studios blog.
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That sneaky St. Nick ... he's now on Google+ for all you non-FB types!

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More Open Stage from September: Ahoy, it's Pirate Night at Open Stage: storytelling, music & magic; then the wheels came off with fans, flags, hoops, nunchucks, glowing balls, an electric playground, music, poetry, love & murder -- guaranteed to blow your mind! September 19, 2011
Open Stage, September 19, 2011 (19 photos)
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Catching up on posting Open Stage photos ... Rum punch Monday at Open Stage: twirling tricks, strumming strings, exciting diamonds, laughter & lovely voices, long sexy gloves and feathers a flyin; followed by fans, flags, knives, glass balls, drums & song. September 12, 2011.
Full album at Opulent Pixel:
Open Stage: September 12, 2011 (23 photos)
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I narrowed 800 or so shots down to my favorite 11. Enjoy!
Open Stage August 29, 2011 (11 photos)
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Here are my favorite photos of what happened at Open Stage this week ...
Open Stage 8-22-11 (17 photos)
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Channeling a little Georgia O to get these graphic close-ups of hollyhocks in the Electra Lake, CO neighborhood. All are iPhone 4 photos -- Hipstamatic, Lomora 2 & 100 Cameras.
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Passing this along to all my photography-inclined peeps ...
Photo-sharing on the Web: Know Your Rights

Join me for a super Google+ Hangout tomorrow (Thu Aug 18) at 12 pm PST / 3pm EST / 1900 GMT. I’ll be moderating a discussion on copyright and sharing photography on the web. Please send me any questions you have!

What: An informal discussion on photo-sharing on the Web and copyright, with emphasis on social networking sites, such as Google+ and Facebook.


+Brian Rose Photos Community Manager, Google+
+Trey Ratcliff Photographer/Blogger
+Zack Arias Music editorial photographer / Badass
+Nicole S. Young Photographer and Author
+Mike Linksvayer Vice President, Creative Commons
+Christa Laser IP Gal Extraordinaire / Specialist in copyright Law
+Catherine Hall Hangout Moderator / TWiT Photo Host / Pro Photographer

Do you have any burning questions about copyright? We would love to get your feedback :) Super excited about tomorrow!

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A few of my favorite photos from Open Stage 8-8-11 ... the ones that are fairly safe for the masses anyway.
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