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Roshi A.P
An evolving Light Worker
An evolving Light Worker


16 Aug 2014
I don't have lot of expectations nor yearnings nor dependent hope of a better tomorrow.

I believe I will live a blessed and a abundant life.

There are only a few who would understand the difference between these two lines.

5 Aug 2014
I accept my flaws, my darkness. I understand the reason behind it and love myself  inspite of it. I set myself free from my own judgement and prejudice. Now I am being the light. 

2 Aug 2014
I trust the universe and the divine will take care of me and support me. I have nothing to worry about. I surrender my faith completely yo the divine. I know am loved, am abundant and free.

2 Aug 2014
My Mind is in balance.
My Body is in balance.
My Spirit is in balance.

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"What makes the picture particularly strong is that except for the cloud, the rest of the scene is quite ordinary," says Director of Photography Dan Westergren, one of this year's judges, of the winning photo by Marko Korošec.

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30 July 2014
There exists various forms of trust and each having varying depths- to each one its own. All of us have trust issues but none of them are the same.Trust issues may arise from a circumstance that will or may vary for people or a person. Now, taking myself for an example. I do not trust anyone emotionally and most importantly (and i stand by this) I do not expect and even trust people will help or understand my need at any moment. (Meaning when in trouble or in need I don't look over my shoulder)
For some, emotional trust issues may stem from childhood negligence, abuse, emotional trauma or even people not really listening. (and various others) For any two people the degree of hurt  will not be the same. Some grow numb, without even realizing it and some are just born reserved. They do not speak about their feelings or emotions.  
For some it may be a feeling of disliking being dependent on others in any way. Or even the fending for oneself is better rather than asking. There are numerous feelings and reasons behind those feelings. No two feelings can be the same. The depth of it varies and also the reaction to it. Now, speaking of empathy, you can or could or even will understand what the other person is going through, but you may not realize the depth of hurt, the reasons behind that depth  and the reaction to that hurt or pain. 

No matter where you are from, what experiences life has bought you or you have bought to your self, what you have achieved, what you have lost, what milestones you have reached, what trails you have faced, what you have felt, understood and realized- no two emotions or feelings are the same for any two persons or more. There are different personalities, characters, stimuli, temperaments,  conditioned and programmed upbringing, life style, life experiences... so on and so forth. To name an emotion, "anger" is universally adopted. But the depth of it, the threshold of it, is of the person, that will never match another's. 

Love and Light

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white queen with pride

26 July 2014
I take this moment to thank all the divine energies out there who blessed me with a beautiful healthy son, the second love of my life. I admit it wasn't easy, facing negativity, when least expected. But, we got through. Thank you for the courage and blessings. Now,holding my son in my arms,  I am thankful for the miracle and the numerous ones that will come our way.. Thank you for this blessing. I am and will be forever thankful.

And happy birthday dad. May you be healing and happy on the other side. We all love you. And thank you for being there.

Love and Light

5 July 2014
Finally we have shifted and settled to a new place and and a beautiful new house.  I thank all the divine energies that made this possible. I thank you all for the abundance, that we deserved. My content heart thanks you. Its almost a month and I am still giddy with relief, happiness and peace. Every day is a beautiful surprise. I can gaze into the tree tops, watch birds going about their day, turn a deaf ear to the noises below and the best part is that we I wake up with the glorious sun kissing my skin. Just awesome.
Its about time that I enjoy just being me and I am doing my best, at total abandon. I see the leaves dance with me, the air building my momentum, the nature brightening my surroundings.... its magic, at its fullest potential. I love it here. I thank you all. Thank you for all the comforts, security and abundance. I love this. I love you all.

Thank you.
Light, peace, love and healing to all.

Wishing you all miracles. Just believe. You all deserve it. 

12 June 2014
Happy Birthday to me.. happy birthday to me..... Thank you to all angels and divine angels out there. Thank you for everything. Thank you for all the abundance and miracles that I will receive today.
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