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Jason Daniel Siegel
Professional Amateur, Occupational Hobbyist, Upgraded Downloader
Professional Amateur, Occupational Hobbyist, Upgraded Downloader

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Had to wait 2.5 hours in the cold to VOTE. Uncool.

If you've lost power in BK and need a shower, a charge, etc, we're all good in Prospect Lefferts Garden... let us know!

Anyone interested in 4 tix to see Conor Oberst at Carnegie Hall Nov 21? Hit me up...

Are you or do you know a notary public? Let me know!

It's International Book Week. Find the closest book to you, turn to page 52 and post the fifth sentence as your status. No need for titles... Here's mine: "The muscles around its neck and shoulders are especially thick." Um... right.

Um... Married! It was a blast, so thankful for everyone who was there to share the night with us.

Um... Getting married today.
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