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Bujinkan Sevenoaks Dojo

A small class last night, so more time to look at some basics again.

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Congratulations to my student Ryan Higgins, who received his 8th Kyu grade last night.

Following a special request, I shall be teaching at the Bujinkan North Kent Dojo in Bexley this Monday.

If you are interested in training, new starters are welcome throughout the year. Please visit our club website for more details.

Starting the Chuden level of the Koto Ryu tonight.

Completed the first level of the Koto Ryu last night, thanks to my students for sticking with it.

From a friend:

”It’s impossible” said pride..“It’s risky” said experience.. “It’s pointless” said reason...
“Give it a try” whispered the heart.
- Anonymous

The club is now entering its 10th year and comprises 11 students, with grades ranging from 6th Dan to 10th Kyu.

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The new Kamidana (shrine) at the new Hombu Dojo in Noda, Japan.

Last night's technique studied: Kyogi from Koto Ryu, followed by Hanbo Kihon strikes.
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