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OK, so a long while back I created a pirate hack which I now find too fiddly in many respects (ship construction etc. being the notable one).

One thing I can't decide is if I want to include the full FU rules rather than have it as an 'add-on.'

That would make the document more complete, but would also significantly extend the production time.

I'll probably have more questions as the production rolls on!
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Make it complete
Leave it as an add-on
Something else! (Enlighten me below)

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A recent conservation has got me thinking, what level of crunch do you prefer for your solo games?

I'd also ask why, if you care to add?

These are my weight classifications with appropriate games to give you an idea of what I mean.
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Ultra light (Freeform Universal)
Light (Barbarians of Lemuria)
Medium (Fudge)
Medium-heavy (Mini Six)
Heavy (BRP)

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Here's my new blog, solely about Fudge and what I hope to do with it this year:

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Investigation systems

OK, so if you're following The Convenient SGAM 2016 Thread or my blog you'll know that I'm about to post the various investigation systems I want to playtest.

While I already have a collection, I thought I'd mine the LW collective to see if there were any I was missing so I can be as comprehensive as possible (as time allows).

Just to let you know the current crop:

Mythic Mystery theme (plus possibly Classic), Technoir, The Department of Fabricant Management, Two Hour Wargames New Hope PI/Larger then Life, GMless Mystery Explainer, Scarlet Heroes Urban Adventures, possibly Location Crafter

Just to clarify, what I am looking for are mystery systems not RPG systems. So Call of Cthulu isn't appropriate because it's not a plot system, just a cool background and BRP.

Also let me know what it is about that system that you think makes it worth a look. The Gumshoe system for example tells you that the GM shouldn't withhold clues and adds a degree of success to the clue quality, but that isn't what I'd call a plot system, just helpful advice for any investigation game.

Of course if you think I really should look at X, no matter what I've said above, please let me know!

I hope all that helps and doesn't muddy the waters!

So hit me LW!
(just not in the face)
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