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Talend and Cassandra - Storing data and retriving
This video explores saving data in Cassandra NoSql database. This video is a continuation of previous one. Apart from saving the data, it also discusses about quick tips on strategies for creating, storing and retrieving data in Cassandra. Code used in the ...

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MongoDB - A NoSQL, Json
MongoDB's popularity has been soaring in the recent years. The first video explores the details of Mongo DB, a sample document/table is created and we also see how to insert a sample Json data and extracting the it. The second video explores a few popular t...

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Extracting HL7 data using Talend and storing in Cassandra
HL7 is a set of international standards used by clinical and healthcare providers to exchange information. This video explores using this HL7 data, extracting a few sample fields from it and then saving them into one of the popular NoSql database Cassandra

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Route53 of Amazon webservices is used for all hosting/Routing related needs. This video explores various options for setting up your domain name servers, how to redirect it to AWS and other settings inside AWS to make it redirect to your content on AWS.  In...

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Talend Project - Child jobs, Functions and Variables
This concluding part of Talend project video explores creating sub/child jobs, how to pass data between the two and different strategies to share the data. It also explores subroutines/functions that helps you reduce the code and modularizes it.  Check out ...

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Talend Project - Send mail (tSendMail component)
Talend 's tSendMail component can be used to send HTML formatted emails. this Video demonstrates framing a HTML formatted text using the project we were working on. This is the code that we used in tJavaRow component to extract the rating and create an emai...

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Talend project to parse a webpage (
Created another interesting Talend project over the weekend.

/* -- Code from ---- */
String wholepage;
String ratings;
int pos=wholepage.indexOf("composite_v...

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Creating MEAN stack application using Bitnami launchpad in AWS
My earlier Harvard course on Bigdata Analytics had given me enough exposure on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and professional and personal curiosity on emerging technologies taught me enough about MEAN stack.  MEAN stack is a full stack development tool kit tha...
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