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Crosswords is in the click store!

Don't get too excited -- it still has some major issues when running on a device, or at least an emulator.  The on-screen-keyboard will cover parts of the app, and the buttons in the toolbar don't work.  But it's in good enough condition for testing.  So if you have an actual device, I'd love to hear how it works, and how it doesn't, for you.

Some specific things to check: Do lists scroll as you drag them?  Do the spring back when you take them past their limits?  Can the grid be dragged around and zoomed by pinching?  This seem to work on the emulator, but in starts and jerks.  I'm hoping that they're nice an smooth on a real device.
Crosswords for Ubuntu. Crosswords in a work-in-progress app for Ubuntu, with the goal of letting you solve your favorite puzzles on your phone, tablet, and desktop. At the moment, it is very much an alpha, but you still may be interested in trying it. Screenshot ...
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+Robert Schroll Sorry for the late reply but better late than never.

* Lists do scroll when they are dragged.
* Lists do spring back.
* You can zoom in and drag the grid.
* It crashes very often when you click on a numbered cell.
* Toolbar doesn't work.
+Niklas Wenzel Thanks for the feedback!  The toolbar is a known problem, but I think I have a fix.  (And the SDK is being improved on this point as well.)

The crashes I didn't know about.  I'll try to reproduce them on the emulator.  Do you get any error messages or logs that indicate what's going wrong?
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