woo....love it
After the Squall

Thank you +Thomas Hawk and +Lotus Carroll for having me as your guest on +Photo Talk Plus this evening. I had a great time, and it was really nice to field questions from everyone about my crazy style/method of photography :)

I wanted to share this non-bridge bridge sunrise from one of out local beaches here in SF. It was pouring rain in the dark while I stood outside under a stairway waiting for a break to go shoot this scene. These are the kinds of scenes that keep me coming back for more :)

I am looking forward to meeting more grat people at the +Google+ Photographer's Conference coming up soon. I have no set schedule yet, so if anybody wants to meet for a drink/coffe/chat/whatever - send me a note to schedule something :)

Oh yeah - I will probably be shooting sunrises and sunsets each day of the conference if anyone wants to come play :)

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