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The Real Reason You Can’t Understand Why Black Americans Are Furious
Reposting an excellent article by Clay Rivers (5 min read):

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The History Test - How Should the Courts use History?
by Jill Lepore Constitutional interpretation reaches back to the dawn of time. In the night of April 9, 1931, James M. Kiley, thirty-nine, was shot with a .32-calibre pistol at a gas station in Somerville, Massachusetts, during a botched holdup. Kiley, the ...

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Is Socially Responsible Capitalism Losing?
No More Mr. Nice Guy by Sheelah Kolhatkar In December, 2015, a new startup called Juno entered the ride-hailing market in New York City with a simple proposition: it was going to treat its drivers better than its competitors, notably Uber, did theirs—and do...

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The Work You Do, The Person You Are by Toni Morrison
All I had to do for the two dollars was clean Her house for a few hours after school. It was a beautiful house, too, with a plastic-covered sofa and chairs, wall-to-wall blue-and-white carpeting, a white enamel stove, a washing machine and a dryer—things th...

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The Wolf Who Cried Boy
"Cosby is hoping to bank on this brutal history and use it as cover to cast doubt on his own crimes. I mourn that decision because of the confusion and chaos it will cause for black people who are actually innocent, who were actually falsely accused, whose ...

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Many people with diabetes feel drained by diarrhea. Metformin, typically the first drug doctors will prescribe to treat type 2 diabetes, is a common cause.

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Why Am I Running to the Bathroom ?
     Many people with diabetes feel drained by diarrhea.  Metformin, typically the first drug doctors will prescribe to treat type 2 diabetes, is a common cause.  The link between the medicine and your digestive system is unknown.  But Deena Adimoolam, MD, ...

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Imagine by Black Ice
Black Ice spoken word “Imagine” is his take on how the lack of opportunities in the inner city deprives young men and women of a positive self image and self respect. Imagine What happens in neighborhoods where the self esteem  ...

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Ick! 7 germy spots around the home
Ick! 7 germy spots around the home Check out what may need a good cleaning now So you might have a guess or two about where germs tend to lurk in homes. See a few hot spots below — some may surprise you. Prime places for germs  Of course, there are lots of ...

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Demagogue: The Fight to Save Democracy from Its Worst Enemies
by Michael Signer A demagogue is a tyrant who owes his initial rise to the democratic support of the masses. Huey Long, Hugo Chavez, and Moqtada al-Sadr are all clear examples of this dangerous byproduct of democracy. Demagogue takes a long view of the figh...
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