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Deborah Anderson
Socialpreneur, Speaker, Writer.... Musician
Socialpreneur, Speaker, Writer.... Musician

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Great share by +Eren Mckay

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This is a very helpful article! Check it out to see for yourself.

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Have you checked out Neil Patel's 10 Online Marketing Tools That'll Accelerate Growth of a New Business yet? Excellent and inspiring article.

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I highly recommend that you check out DoSplash. It is a great site > clean, easy to navigate, and the members submit quality content.

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Looking for some tools to help you grow your business on Facebook? Check out this article by +John Rampton on +Mashable 

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Great branding concept.  Check this out to see if it is right for your business!

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Have you seen this?  I guess Star Wars is more popular than the Internet... at least for a few moments.

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If you are around - you will want to catch this free webinar!   #security  

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Another great post by +Eren Mckay 
A while back Google officially wrote about HTTPS as a ranking signal. Since then, there have been some great articles out there about switching your domain from http to https. I'm going to link them here as resources for you:
• Official Release from +Google Webmasters

• +John Mueller 's Google Plus post about it and his answers in the comment section:

• More Precise Index Status Data for Your Site Variations by +Google Webmasters

• HTTP vs. HTTPS for SEO: What You Need to Know to Stay in Google’s Good Graces by +Ahrefs

• HTTPS Encryption – What is the impact of TLS/SSL on Rankings? by +Searchmetrics

• HTTP to HTTPS best practices with an infographic by +Amel Mehenaoui  via +SEMrush

• SEO considerations when moving from HTTP to HTTPS by +Branded3

• Guide to Switching from HTTP to HTTPS for SEO by +Ignite Visibility

• How will Google’s HTTPS and SSL rules affect WordPress websites via +David Leonhardt

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