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Boy's Own
A lot of my characters are young boys. In The Mountain City Bronzes, Kevin and his father tell their stories as children. In Beggar Charlie, Charlie tells of him and two other boys trying to find their way home. The story I'm working on presently is titled,...

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What's In A Name? Your Character Traits
When writing fiction, it is important to choose names well. All writers are taught not to make two names alike, (unless it's part of the story). The name must fit the character and sound well when read out loud. A character named, John Smith, say, would hav...

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Beggar Charlie
Writing for tweens is unlike writing for any other age group. The thing is, tweens like action. That's true in movies as well as books.
So I had a challenge when writing Beggar Charlie, my tween adventure. I had to keep thinking, action, action, action. Als...

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Sorry for not posting for awhile. I have been very busy. Just to let you know what I've been doing. I was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Awards and got a certificate. I was very happy with that. And I have been to the SCBWI conference here in Ottawa, ON.

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A Native Conspiracy
In the nineties, when I took to researching and history reading, I found myself drawn to the history of North, Central and South American. Most specifically, the native peoples, who they were and how their stories played out.
I found this most interesting ...

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Laurier Palace Theatre Fire
Sometimes only a tragedy can effect changes which benefit society. The early part of the twentieth century saw no uniform building standards in the public structures of Montreal. Not until 1927 was this noticed to be a danger to the lives of the citizens wh...

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Cash Cow?
TV has a lot about mysteries on it. A couple of mysteries I have thought about are the Chupacabra and Cattle mutilations. Then one night it occurred to me.
I have always thought the only animal to take blood out of a creature and leave the body behind is m...

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February 2
It's coming up. My fifty-eighth birthday. I am getting old. No, I don't really care anymore, I went through that trauma back when I was in my forties and realized that no one would buy or give me anything anymore because they thought I was pretty. That is f...

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The Children's Chocolate Bar Strike
It was 1947. The war was over and costs that had been held down by the war were zooming up. A chocolate bar in Canada was five cents. But cost of sugar etc was up. So the chocolate companies decided to raise the price to eight cents.
A boy went down to get ...

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Well we had a pretty good Christmas and holiday over all. I know, I know, it isn't over yet. There's still New Years Eve and New Years Day to go through before we get back on our usual schedule. Okay.
But I like to take stock before the new year, just to r...
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