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special treat upcoming... (maybe its an hour long mix of my music, including some unreleased tracks... but you didnt hear it from me)

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ITS FINALLY UP! thank you all so much for playing my stuff over 500 times! here's my gift!  enjoy!!

and im at 503. uploading!

guys. three more plays. i have to stop myself from playing my own songs... lets do this!

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this song is out in 22 more plays on

announcement time! My Soundcloud page ( ) is at 474 total plays (thats a lot! ) but i wanna hit 500, so: once my Soundcloud hits 500 total plays, i release #BalaclavAntelopes !! how soon can we do this???


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ok here is the idea i keep working on, enjoy!

Post has attachment same idea that i posted two days ago, just with some more work done. a snippet

Post has attachment just a quick preview of a little idea i had
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