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We Plan for Your Success
We Plan for Your Success

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Just because you want to believe it's true doesn't make it true! 

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The three most powerful words....
(hint: They're not "I love you")

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If you're feeling like you're being bombarded with ads today, just wait until the drones get here!! 

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Great Info.  Thanks Mike!
Social Media Cover Photo Resource
Everything you need to create brilliant cover images.

Cover photos are cool. All of the best social networks have 'em. But that's part of the problem these days. While Facebook may let businesses adorn their Pages with a nice 851 x 315 graphic, on Google+ it needs to be 1080 x 608. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube... they're all different too.

Throw in file size limits, text requirements and floating profile images and you've got yourself one confusing mess!

Did I mention Cover Photos are cool?

Seriously, they're a tremendous opportunity for businesses to communicate brand and information and to simply have some fun, so to help you with that, I've put together a resource page that outlines all of the branding image options for the networks that currently allow it. It also includes information on cover photos for Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities and LinkedIn Groups.

And I've crafted this resource in such a way as to make it ridiculously easy for me to update it any time one of these social networks changes (read: tomorrow), or when an additional network adds this kind of feature (are you listening, Pinterest?).

Thanks in advance for your comments and shares.

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#Facebook #GooglePlus #Twitter   #LinkedIn   #YouTube  

Mentioned in the article: +Dustin W. Stout +Canva 

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You're probably getting lots of stuff done.  But, is it the right stuff?

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Lessons I learned while training Barney The Wonder Dog
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