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If you want to shine like a Sun, first burn like a Sun.
If you want to shine like a Sun, first burn like a Sun.


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Literate · Coming Soon
Literate is an app to write simple documents quick and easy. It supports .txt, .rtf, .html and .md files.

The first alpha will be live soon @
If you want to get notified when you can download Literate, subscribe to

Name by +Darin Menezes

Happy birthday +Rajath Ranganath​ 😀🎉

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Thanks to the devs 😊
:::Mega Giveaway:::

Alright folks, so we are giving some cool best substratum themes out here. They look so dope that you may spend half of the day just looking at the screen. Thanks to all the respective dev's

So to win, here are some simple rules :

🔹+1 the ORIGNAL post
🔹Reshare this post to your public profile or any public community which allows it, tagging the themes that you are interested in.
🔹*comment, on the orignal post* the top 2 preferences of themes that you may like to win
Yeah, one person may win more than one theme
🔹( optional ) #stay_tuned with the respective dev's for further amazing updates

Themes to grab up here:

Coalfield by +Kohlewrrk

Flux by +John Xionidis

RubiQ by +Rahul K Dinesh

Substratum Status by +Rohit chouhan

There are many codes available, making your chance higher to win Atleast one of these themes so don't forget to share this post 👊
Winners will be announced on coming Sunday 19/3/17
Also many people have already bought them! If you feel you can't wait till the results then u can surely buy it, support the dev!
People who have already bought some of these themes can mention that too, you may inspire others...

So keep your fingers crossed 🤞& Best of luck😁 👊

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Device: OnePlus 2
Build: AOSiP Weekly 24/02

1. Can you guys make the status bar logo adjust it's size dynamically, according to the DPI? For smaller display sizes, the logo is too big as seen in both images attached.

2. Feature Request: Would it be possible to see number of clients on the Hotspot QS tile (whenever at least one client is connected)?
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Introducing Mémoire

So here it is, finally after months of developing and changing things several times Memoire (Mémoire) Beta is now available for you to download.

Join the community here :

Memoire is a note taking app, which offers realtime device sync thanks to firebase. Here are few things Memoire has to offer.

- Stories : Take basic notes with or without a cover image, All the notes you save are encrypted using AESCrypt.

- Vault : If you want to save some sensitive notes like addresses or some other details you can use Vault which has option to lock the notes using Fingerprint or Password

- Todo : Create ToDo lists and set due dates to get notified

- Links : Save website or article links to quickly view them in the app

Thanks to +Naman Rastogi for making the App icon and other illustrations in the app.

Thanks to +Eduardo Pratti for giving me all the suggestions regarding UI/UX. He helped me a lot to make Memoire look this beautiful

and lot of other people who have helped me from starting +Travis Hall, +Patrick J, +Maximilian Keppeler, +Tom Wellington thanks to everyone of you

I hope everyone like the app , Feel free to +1 and Reshare
WARNING : Since this is a beta (A early beta), even though I have fixed known bugs and issues there may be some issues with the app that I am not aware of. So please give me feedback on such issues.
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Would you please? +Andre Zimmermann
Thanks 😊

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Buy it or you hate Google
let the fanbois come, giggles
[SELLING] Nexus 9 Tablet, 32GB WiFi, White

Great condition, always used with a TGSP and case. Really a good device for watching movies, videos or listening to music. Also very useable for office stuff and gaming. May be a great deal for developers who want to test their apps on a tablet.
Comes with original packaging, chargers and two cases.


Reshares appreciated :)
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Theme giveaway!

You heard it right, we are going to be trying something new out here in the Substratum community. Every one thousand members, we will do a small giveaway like this one and every ten thousand members, we will do a larger giveaway. We love our themers here and the dedication they give to their projects and as a result, we want to give you a chance to enjoy their awesome work and promote Substratum.


1. Be a community member.
2. +1 this post.
3. Share this post with your public timeline or to a community that allows it.
4. Comment on this post when those three things are done and mention +Char G​ and me.

This will be open until Sunday, November 20th, 11:59pm EST. Winners will be announced sometime on Monday and codes will be handed out via Hangouts or email randomly (although if you own the theme offered, you may substitute it for a theme of your choice).

Themes up for grabs

OrangeKitten PRO by +Ivan Iskandar​:

Beltz by +setiawanjimmy​:

Mono by +De Jan​:

Noir by +De Jan:

Outline by +Niklas Schnettler​:

ModernUI Pro by +László Szécsényi​:

Lunar by +Gurpreet Singh:

Material Time by +Nevo Levin​:

Transparent by +Gianluca Spadazzi​:

Destiny by +Paolo Giubilato​:

N/Pixel Dark Theme by +Piereligio Di Sante​:

Dark Stock Theme by +Piereligio Di Sante​:

Black Stock Theme by +Piereligio Di Sante​:

Natur by +Soham Jambhekar​:

Spectrum by +Jeremy Beck:

To other themers: if you want to be featured in this, feel free to message me on Hangouts or Telegram (@nathanchance) so I can get you added.

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In the flood of forwarded messages on WhatsApp, I came across this one today. It is written in Hindi, but I'll try to make y'all understand what it says. Anyone who's familiar with Hindi can surely confirm it. At first I thought it'd just be a circulating message with fake info, and there'd be nothing like this in existence. Later, on searching in play store, I came to know that such app exists.

"After 31st December 2016, foreign company WhatsApp will not be operating in India as per decisions by Indian Government. These steps are taken to stop the increasing crimes. Due to the popularity of WhatsApp, Indian Government has published a new app on Play Store called VihanApp, as a replacement for WhatsApp. Share this among your friends to make everyone aware of it."

Now, this all is total FAKE. I don't even think this message is by government, and the app itself is a copy of Telegram. I know Telegram is open source, there can be unofficial clients to it, but they need to give credits to Telegram in their app/play store description or anything. This app credits Telegram nowhere, and moreover it contains ads for that person to earn money without doing anything. There're some people who know all this and have rated it 1 star and reported it too, still somehow the app has managed to get a 4 star rating.

The second screenshot attached below is of a newspaper article, in which the guy is claiming to make the app using his brain, and that the app is unhackable and it has all media sharing capabilities, etc shit.
(Thanks to +Tushar Parmar​​​​​ for that screenshot)

Y'all can yourself check the screenshots on play store, or even try running the app on Nougat, because it won't even open (FC's at opening 😂😂). There's even a website (maybe 😂) to it which claims some meh people as CEO, Founder and what not.
Play Store:

I'd request everyone coming through this post to report the app and help to take it down from play store. To report, visit the play store page linked above and scroll to bottom, tap the Flag as Inappropriate section.
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Setup after long time 😁
Delta icons
KWGT widget by robo +Arabi Ishaque​​​ 🤘
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